Reasons Why You Should Visit Philippines

If you are a traveler, you may have been to many countries and met different types of people, learned different languages and have the best experiences that many people can’t. But if you want more of that, one of the best places for you to visit is in Philippines. This place can give you exciting activities, the beaches are so wonderful one of the reasons why the tourism is getting better, people are polite, it is the perfect place for a nature lover as well. If you are not convinced enough, here are the reasons why you should travel to Philippines.

Hospitable People – if you will experience to travel in the Philippines, you can say that the people here are very hospitable and friendly. The people here in Philippines are the most caring and kind, you can see it in the way they accept tourist, they are willing to give a helping hand to the person that they don’t even know, especially to the people from other countries that appreciates Philippines.

Wonderful Beaches – for the people that have been into many beaches in the Philippines, they call it paradise where the water is bluer than the sky and as clear as the mirror. Some call it heaven just to express their feelings when they experience the most wonderful beaches in the Philippines.

Largest Shopping Malls – if you love to shop in the places that you are visiting, we also have the largest malls that offer a lot of fun and exciting experience that other countries has to offer. In Philippines the shopping malls are one of the best places that can bond a family, it is the place for everyone that wants to relaxed and enjoy and shop.

Diverse Wildlife – there are many places in the Philippines where you can see wildlife, there are many exotic animals that is famous around the world, like tarsiers in Bohol, the cutest type of monkey that can amaze you. The biggest crocodile in the world have found in the Philippines.

Good Weather – the best season to travel in the in the Philippines is on summer season, everyday will be a perfect day to go on the beach and have a sand bathing.

Food – if you love to eat like the people in the Philippines, you will surely love the Filipino cuisine, eating local food is the best part of traveling, so you should try to visit Philippines to experience the best tasting food in the world.

It will be an amazing experience if you will bring the whole family, because in Philippines the most priority of every person is their family.


Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone

Most of the people say “the more the merrier” and it is the best to travel with friends, but somehow, this is the reason why we are delaying ourselves, when we want to do things with a companion, we wait for them to have time, and it is hard for friends to have the same time and not all your friends can afford the cost of traveling. But if you consider traveling alone, you have so many times to see the world and visit places that you have never been. If you want to know why, here are the good reasons why you should consider traveling alone.

You can do more – if you travel by yourself, you have your own time, you don’t have to consider anybody before you leave, and you can rule yourself. You can go to a place or another without waiting for someone, you can visit many places and do what you want, and you can eat where you want. If you have friends with you, there are times that you are arguing where to eat and what to do, but if you are alone, you are the one who decides for everything.

More time to make friends – if you are traveling alone, you have to approach someone for you to have someone to talk to, and you can talk to the people you want, have more conversations to other people and to make friends. But if you are with your partner or friends, you have less time to talk to others because all your attention is with them.

Cheaper accommodation – if you are traveling with your friends or with your partner, you sure want a hotel accommodation and we know that it is expensive and can cost you more money. But if you are traveling alone you may want to check-in on a hostel where you can meet other travelers. You can meet more on a local people when you stay in a cheaper accommodation, more opportunity to know about the place you are visiting.

Save in transportation – if you are traveling as a group, you may want to rent a car just to go to the best attractions of the place that you are visiting. But if you are all by yourself, you may want to use the public transportation because it is safer when you are alone.

If you are traveling alone, you should consider these tips for you to be safe, and it will help you to save and enjoy more on your vacation.


How Traveling Improves Your life

Traveling has been everybody’s dream, if only traveling was free, then you would meet a lot of people from different parts of the world. People would want to travel for different reason, some want to have fun, adventure, information and others are looking for answers. There are a lot of benefits when you travel, why? Knowing that the world is so big, therefore different parts of the world have something that you should know and experience.

Some people love to travel because they found the true meaning of their life and their purpose in this world. And there are so many aspects in your life will be develop and improve as you go along with your adventure. Going solo is the best trip you can do, when you travel alone, you can explore yourselves and more possibilities of developing your skills that will surely apply in your daily life.  As you keep on traveling you will learn and experience different things from best to worst and vice versa. The things you learn from traveling will definitely help you as you live in this world. There are so much to see and beyond things in this world and you should not miss it.

How does traveling improve your life? Sometimes we are blinded by the material things in this world and we only focus on achieving material things, we forgot that these things cannot be brought with when we are dead those are just properties and will not give us joy when we reach the stage of golden age. When we travel we meet people, we hear different stories and we learn from them. We will have the opportunity to learn from their living which can help us in the next years of our life.  

There are so much benefits in traveling, and you could imagine yourself having fun with your company, see wonders of the mother nature and encounter lessons in life. So traveling is a good investment towards improving yourself through your skills and developing your talents. It helps different aspects of your life, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually these life aspects will expand which will give you a good perspective in life.

If you are not traveling it means you are just in box with limited information, though there are medium of getting information but its incomparable if you yourself experience and witness it, it is priceless.


Why do People Travel?

Do you have any specific reasons why you need to travel within or outside the country? Or it is just a hobby that you want to travel the world? For other people, travelling is important because there are changes that travel can do. There are things that you are discovering in every place that you are visiting that will give so much learning. This can also give you a break from your everyday life.

Here are the twelve basic reasons why do people travel:

  1. Travel can let us get away from our stress for the meantime but will regain our enthusiasm to face the next chapter of our life.
  2. We travel because we want to learn and discover something new in the different part of the world. We want to taste the food they eat, to visit the beautiful places and also understand their behaviors.
  3. Companies are providing paid business travel for business purposes which is going to be our chance to explore without worrying about accommodations.
  4. Travel can give us a break from near depression that we are experiencing and other troubles that we have in life. Travelling can make a difference on your view in life.
  5. People want to learn more about the interesting history of every country that they want to visit.
  6. Other reason as well is a person who would like to seek medical assistance from a country that is specialized in a certain part of medical field. They would like to get the treatment for their disease which their country cannot provide (probably because of lack of equipments and others).
  7. People visit their love ones in the other country. To reunite and celebrate being with your love ones or you might already found the one for you.
  8. Travel is also an adventure. There are mountains that you might want to climb and islands you want to explore which is going to be so much fun!
  9. Some other people travel because of school educational trip. There are educational information can be learn by travelling to the actual country or place.
  10. People are travelling because of religious activity. They want to visit holy places to feel more the presence of God.
  11. Couples are deciding to travel and celebrate their honeymoon outside the country to have more privacy.
  12. Family trip. There is nothing to compare when you visit other country with your family. Bonding with your family is precious and should be incomparable.

Going inside or outside the country might new to us if we are not used to travel. But if you are an adventurous person you will love to visit places to learn new and to experience their culture. Language barrier might be a challenge but it is nothing as long as we can speak the international language a bit. You just need to have the courage to travel so you can be familiar about the behavior and other things you can discover about other countries.


5 Things you should know about the Country You’ll Visit

There are different reasons why we want to travel and mostly it is because of vacation. We want to spend vacation from work or from business. We sometimes travel because of business as well and to meet other persons who are involve to it. However since you are travelling outside the country there are things that you need to know. That is for you to be familiar and also to give respect to the native people you will meet there.

Here are the five things that you should know about the country you will visit:

  • The first and foremost is the main language that is spoken in the country you will go. It is important that you know the basic words like greetings, time, numbers, direction and other significant words that you can speak on their language. So if in case that you are lost it will not be difficult for you to communicate.
  • Learn about those people you will be meeting there. They might have different manners or behaviors that are not the same in your country, so you are the one who need to adjust. Remember you are the foreigner and you are not on your territory.
  • The third one is the culture that you should be interested about. There are so many countries in the world with different cultures but mostly in the countries of Europe and Middle East, the culture are the same so you just need to be familiar about it. You might be shock about the different cultures they have but you need to understand and respect them because it is their tradition.
  • The fourth one is the significant places that you should explore in the country. You should go to the most visited places in the country like the Eiffel Tower of Paris France, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, Great Wall of China and other places you have not discovered yet.
  • The last one is the transportation. You should know about the basic transportation in the country. You should not choose on what you want to ride so you will not be having any trouble in going to places you need to go. If you have a huge fund for your travel you can hire a vehicle. But then it is still a great adventure if you will be riding the popular mode of transportation that you should experience in the country.

You can still learn more things about a country so when you travel you are going to impress the people you will meet as if you are a natural citizen there. You will enjoy more when you have a bit of a background of the place.  It is more welcoming if you feel the warmth of the smile of those native people that you will meet and embracing as well their culture, their behaviors, and other things that you should know about their country. Enjoy and always take note of what you have learned as well after your visit.


A Guide to your Travel in Greece

One of the great countries to visit is the country of Greece. This is also one of the most interesting countries that may catch your heart and attention. There are also some interesting facts about their culture, etiquette, language, religion and many others. Those were the information that you may need to know as your guide to your travel to Greece.

Here is the list of some of the things you may need to know about Greece to guide you on your travel:

  1. The capital of Greece is Athens.
  2. Religions in the country are Greek Orthodox with 98%, Muslims with 1.3%, and the other religion is 0.7%.
  3. Official language of Greece is Greek which is spoken by the 98% of its population. Macedonian is their minor language, Turkish that is spoken by the Muslim communities and Albanian.
  4. The national religion in the country is Greek Orthodox Church. Easter holiday is the most important one than Christmas holiday.
  5. Family is important and they offer financial and the emotional support in each of its members. Extended family will help their relatives in time of needs and also assist each other in finding employment as well.
  6. Greeks are hospitable and warm. When they meet people the first instance they will firmly shake hands, smile and keep direct eye contact.
  7. Friends frequently embrace and kiss each other’s cheeks when meeting.
  8. Greeks mostly celebrate namedays than the birthdays. Namedays is birthdate of saint whom the Greek is named.
  9. Greeks are exchanging gifts with their family and their friends on Christmas and also birthdays or namedays. When giving gifts, it should not be that expensive because the recipient is going to feel that they are obliged to provide equivalent value of a gift to you. And when they receive a gift they opened it.
  10. Being well-dressed in a dinner is showing respect to the Greek who invited you on their home. And arriving thirty minutes after the time given is still considered punctual.
  11. In table manners, you need to remain standing and wait for them to tell you to sit down on a particular chair. The oldest is served first with food.
  12. If you travel because of business, expect that the business will begin on your third meeting. The first stage is to know you first and the second stage is to build trust and respect. The third stage is the start of the business.

They are just some of the things you need to know as your guide to your travel in Greece. You should not forget to visit their great place which is the Santorini. In Greece there are films that have been shot as well and you must be proud when you go exactly to where it is. You must complete your list of what you need to do and what places you should visit in Greece for a very good travel. You should also learn some words on their language to get along with the Greeks.


The Signature Food of each Country you must Discover when you Travel

Each country has own signature dishes or food that you can never resist because of their delicious taste. When you visit a country, aside from the place you will be looking for their specialty food. You will never leave the place until you taste their great delicacy.

Here is the list of the countries and their signature food:

South Korea – Kimchi
This is the number one spot when it comes to delicious food in South Korea. This one you should not miss the napa cabbage which is preserved and fermented with dried chili peppers. The other main ingredient is radish, cucumber and scallion. This is a side dish but for you as a foreigner that loves spices you might love this as your main dish.

Brazil – Feijoada
Feijoada is the national dish in Brazil. It is stew of pork, beef and black beans. It can be served with an orange salad, couve or kale which is leafy vegetable to be cooked until slightly crisp and farofa which is a manioc that is similar to potato. Brazil has many other foods that especially on other celebrations and holidays.

Vietnam – Pho
The number one food in Vietnam is Pho. Anywhere in Vietnam you will find this food that has rice noodles, salty broth, and sprinkle of herbs with beef or chicken. It is a cheap food but tasty and available at any hours. If you see people in a crowd they might be hungry and slurping and eating noodles at pho stand.

Argentina – Asado
The most famous food in Argentina is Asado. It is a meal of grilled beef and other meats that can be served by salads and red wine. This is also called barbeque in other country. Do not leave the country without tasting their favorite food Asado.

Mexico – Chilaquiles
Chilaquiles is the traditional food in Mexico. This has corn tortillas topped with red or green salsa. Additionally can be topped with scrambled fried eggs or pulled chicken. This can be served with healthy frijoles. This is surely tasty because of the spice in the salsa.

Turkey – Corba
Corba is a delicious soup that is popular with Turkish. Simple soup is very famous in Turkey that anytime they are eating it. The black cabbage soup of the northeast of Turkey is their traditional soup dish.

Italy – Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken Parmigiana is one of the most famous foods in Italy. It has chicken breast, eggs, breadcrumb, parmesan cheese, olive oil, garlic, passata, sugar, oregano and mozzarella. With its ingredients absolutely you won’t resist finding and trying this.

There are so many other countries that have their own delicacies that you don’t want to miss. Every food in different countries is the best discoveries that you should treasure whenever you travel. Food should be on one of the top of your list. Delicious food is one of the things that you may not forget once you leave the country. It might still linger on your tongue the taste of each food you each.


What You Should Do When You Travel

Excitement is one of feelings you are going to experience if you are set on travel. Why? Because you are excited to experience what the places could offer to you, especially if you heard stories from internet regarding their own experience. If you are planning to travel soon or you are set for a schedule for travel, here are the things that you should not miss doing.

Take a Selfie of the most famous structure of the place. part of traveling is taking photos and the one thing you should not miss is to take a photo of the famous structure of that place because we all know that after you take a photo you will definitely update your social media account with the place you travel and so people know where you are you’ve got to give them an idea of where you are, example if you go to London, London is famous of its London bridge and people know that.

Buy souvenirs in a souvenir shop. Souvenirs are best things you can give to your friends and family or perhaps for yourself. Some people buy souvenirs to remind them that they have gone to that place and to reminisce your experience in a particular place. It is also showing off to the people that you gone to that place.

Talk to Locals. Talking to locals are one of the best activity you can do while traveling because there are opportunities of learning from local people. but be cautious on people you are talking to.

Go to Museums – museums are best place you can also explore and visit while you are traveling, museums will give you more information about the place from history to present days.

Eat in a local restaurant – for sure there are local restaurants you can try on. try to eat their local foods and you might discover a taste that you never had before which you will fell in love. it will maximize the taste of your taste buds.

Walk and visit park – Go to parks and give yourself sometime to observe people around. Also there should be beautiful parks out there that you can go. You can also take photos while sitting in the park, you’ll see you will witness beautiful scenarios of relationship in the place.

Traveling is a very priceless experience whatever is your purpose, at the end of the trip you will realize that there are a lot of things you have learn and what are mention above are the things you shouldn’t miss doing you don’t know there might be opportunities awaiting for you.


Santorini, Greece a place of serenity

Santorini is a place that many couples would love to visit when they want to have honeymoon after wedding. This island is one of the largest islands in Greece found in southeast part of the country. This is known as remains from the volcanic eruption happen in the 16th century.

Calm and clean
The island is quiet and good for couples who want an exclusive and private ambiance to spend their best time together. This relaxing place will surely entice them more to come for a second time around. The quietness and cleanliness will make a better memories and worth time spending together.

Good to stay suites
At the time you have arrived at the island, there are lots of beautiful and relaxing suites you can choose for equipped with best amenities and quiet rooms where you can rest conveniently. They will also provide best value hotels where they offer affordable but still comfy rooms for you if you want to stay longer in the island. There are also hotels with good views from the top place where you can see some portions of the island free of charge.

Best value and cheap meals and drinks
Meals are not a problem because they offer good tastes of foods and drinks where you can enjoy eating together with you family. There is good food that are cheap yet with delicious taste and you will enjoy and want some more.

Lively bars for night crawler
The island also provides bars to night life people and who wants to hang outs. These bars offer good drinks that give travelers and guests an enjoying night and provide them more fun and happiness as they spend their holidays in Santorini. For those group of friends who want to have bar hopping you can visit the different bar places that this island has so that your night will be exciting and amusing.

Greece is good site of a place where you can find finest serenity. One of the islands that you must come and visit is the island of Santorini where you can find good people and beautiful spots that you will surely love and worth of the time to spend to. To come here, you can take a ride with the ferries available.

Avail now and plan for your holiday vacation or family retreat in a place where you can see the finest view spot by the sea and the wonderful destination that you won’t always forget.


Why travel is significant in your life?

Travelling is fun especially when you plan and finalize the whole decision. You can go anywhere you want to, as long as you have money in your pocket and you have a company with you who you can spend with. There are lot of places you can drop by but the most important thing that you must take note is to secure first your safety and comfort when you’re in that destination so that you will enjoy it and the time that you’ve spend is worthwhile. To travel the world might be expensive but the fun and happiness is worth spending especially when you know the benefits you can get from travelling in different countries and or in beautiful places in the world. Here are some of the reasons why you can say travelling plays important part in people’s life;
Gain knowledge and learning about the places and its olden times
When you travel you can learn new things and new discovery about the place and its past times, here you will be able to know where are things came from and how such place become famous.
Link to other country’s traits and culture
You will be able to adopt new people’s lifestyle and tradition which might influence you and make you better person.
Gives you a break time
Travelling gives you time to spend your own time for yourself and pause for a quiet time. This is fun and a break to divert your attention first to other things that makes you happy and relaxed.
Expands to new challenges
It will help you to do not stick in one decision in life but expand through the help of travelling. It gives you new ways and means.
Eliminates stress reform and interest
You can regain your own life and stop thinking about other worries but to focus in your own interest and make fun.
Welcomes new opportunity
Travelling you can discover greater chances for your own success in life. That opportunity comes from the places that you’ve been visited.
To travel to some places that you’ve never been is very beneficial in transforming your lives for the better. This wonderful travel experience is to uplift and change your new lifestyle in the means of discovering the different traits and culture of each place you have visited. This good break will help you to renew your own views and engage yourselves to new activities that the place provided. This is the change to divert your attention to new habits and set aside the flaws of the past. Travelling will not only help you gain new friends and create new good memories together but it also moves you to walk new paths in life for better lives ahead.


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