Awesome Places To Go To For Your Summer Vacation

In a few months’ time, it will be summer time again. Summer is the best time to go on vacation for most especially those with kids who are in school. Aside from the kids not being in school during summer, the weather is perfect too to do things outdoors. But where should you head to for your next summer vacation?

If you are in for a vacation that gets you up close and personal with the majestic whales, then your perfect summer getaway is Newfoundland in Canada. June up until late August is the best time to go whale-watching. But aside from this wonderful wildlife experience, you can also enjoy the picturesque landscape that it has to offer. There are boat tours, seaside trails and kayaks that you can use or do to enjoy both the view and the whales. If you feel like doing a little bird watching, you can also do that in Newfoundland. There is also an abundance of music festivals around this time of the year.

But if you're up for a historic summer vacation, head out to the Silk Road of China which is he oldest trade route of Chine. It has just been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Silk Road is a good place to go sightseeing and to enjoy the local festivals. What else is there to do in Silk Road? Visit the Terracotta Warriors. There are more than seven thousand statues that are life-sized and they are guarding Qin Shihuang's tomb. You should also visit the Mogao Grottoes which consists of around 700 caves that is filled with art religious texts and Buddhas. 

Norway is another popular destination for tourists. The long days allow tourists to spend more time enjoying the majestic view of the mountains and fjords. But when the sun sets, the place that tourists should go to is Oslo. If you are interested in Norweigan art, check out Nasjonalgalleriet. It has the country's biggest collection of the said art. You can also enjoy your meals at the many trendy restaurants of the country.

Another place with long days that tourists like you should go to is Iceland where you can have more time horseback riding, swimming, kayaking and other outdoor activities that the place has to offer. You Iceland trip won't be complete if you do not visit the Blue Lagoon. You can take a dip in the geothermal water. If you’re in for a little educational tour, they offer tours that give you more insight on the place's history.

Now summer won't be summer if you miss out on a trip to the beach, right? So why not go to Barbados where you will be surrounded by heavenly beaches that you'll find it hard to stay away from the beach for long. Aside from that, there are wonderful golf courses too and the local cuisine is just awesome. You can choose from the street barbecue that lines the streets to restaurants that are nothing but world class. But be warned though that price of hotels is a little higher during the summer peak season.


Do's and Don’ts’s When Traveling Alone

Travelling alone might be scary but admit it; it’s very exciting for you! The mere idea of travelling all by yourself without any hassle, with no people to wait for and with no people to face every day is very fun. However, there are also things that you should be very careful about since it is also dangerous if you are in your own, especially if it is your first time travelling to a specific place.

There are many benefits that you can get in travelling alone. Some of these are:

  • You won’t feel bad if you get wrong because it only affects you.
  • The happiness and cleared challenges are way more exciting.
  • You won’t mind for someone’s existence especially if you are in a hurry.
  • You can ditch adventure time and stay at hotels.

These experiences are pleasant in the ears however, just because you are alone does not mean that you can do whatever you want. You still need to be very careful on your actions if you don’t want someone to be angry at you. With that, here are the tips for you to have a successful solo adventure:

  • Follow the place’s rules and regulations. If you want to be safe, better be acquainted with the country’s rules and regulations. Just because you are a tourist does not mean that the people in authority will be treating you with special treatment. Remember that you are in an alien place, so it must be you who should do your best to fit in.
  • Ask if you are confused with something. If you have a question about something that you do not understand, you may ask the help of the locals. It will never hurt your ego or take away your pride. Just be mindful of who you should ask because not all people are kind.
  • Do not trust easily. Even if a specific person is showing warmth and is inviting for a friendship, be on your guard always. You don’t know that person and what he might be capable of doing. Just be wise enough and never let someone outsmart you.
  • Don’t expect too much. If you are travelling to a new place and is dreaming of something colorful, keep in mind that your plans might sometime not happen in real life. It is because there are lots of circumstances and factors that may affect your travel, may it be the weather, the budget or etc. Just be open to every possible thing and be prepared for it.

In travelling to a new place, be sure that you have enough resources for you to survive. Be sure that you have enough money to buy you food and pay for necessary services that you might need. If you want to fully enjoy your travel, you only need to be prepared for everything that might happen and enjoy every little thing that you are currently in. Never forget that big things start from small things. Appreciate every details of your vacation and at the end, you will be thankful for it.


Couples Traveling: The Ups and Downs of Traveling Together

There are a lot of couples traveling together, getting to see the world together. Some says it is a relationship goal. Photos taken together in different places with beautiful scenery and backgrounds. You tend to imagine they are really traveling happily together, but in reality we really never know the struggles they’ve been through those happy videos or pictures.
Let us discover the ups and down of couples traveling together and making a journey that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Good things of traveling together
Having a companion while traveling is a good thing, you will feel safe and secured because you have someone to have your back any trouble you will encounter in the trip, especially when you get sick or someone tries to scam you or criminals lurking around the place. Having a companion is also fun because you have someone to talk to in your travel, you don’t get lost by yourself, and you have someone to share the memories with. Sharing the experience with someone is so good than doing it alone though; having someone with you will add more fun in the experience. Your travel will never get dull or lonely since you have someone with you.

Sharing the cost you spent together is a good thing. There are fun activities that can save you money if you have someone with than being alone. You tend to taste more than one food because there are two of you; you order different food and experience the good food in the place you visited. Sharing the cost in the place you are staying, the cab fare and all the things you can do together. This will really benefit the both of you.

Trying new adventure and having someone to root for you and give encouragements for you to do it, which would really be helpful like crossing a hanging bridge, do a bungee jumping, diving off a cliff and other things. Through these activities your bond might get stronger and closer to each other. It is like a team building for the two of you, how you will support your partner in all the things he or she is afraid to do.

Downside of traveling together
Well, it is sad to tell you that there are also bad things when traveling together.

It is when you don’t go well with your partner. You tend to always argue in all the things you do. For example the directions you want to take or go, the restaurants where you want to eat (you like sushi and your partner wants steak – that is really hard though unless you do take outs and eat it somewhere), things that you get annoyed when your partner is doing it and the decisions are always not in unison. It would be very hard if that will happen because you will never enjoy your travel together.

Don’t worry you just have to make things work and always talk about it and just to remind you that you have to enjoy, lower you ego and pride to avoid arguments. Take turn on making decisions.


Important Tips to Remember When Travelling Alone

When you talk about travelling, it is not just about the way you fashionably dress yourself and take those “selfie” shots. Travelling as a whole is an experience. The experience that you are to learn is not just something that you will develop and acquire overnight. Therefore, you have to be prepared always when you go and travel. Prepare not just the necessary things to bring but most importantly yourself. Be prepared to be amazed by the wonders of the world; however, there are some important things that you have to remember most especially if you are to travel alone.

Always inform someone back home where you are – When you are planning to travel alone, make sure that someone back home knows where you are going. This is for your own safety and for them to also be informed about your whereabouts. This is very helpful for them to trace you up easily most especially in cases of emergency and or other natural factors that may occur in the country where you are travelling.

Travel light and carefree – If you plan to travel alone, make sure that you are not going to pack up the entire things you have at home. You should know that it is very difficult to travel alone bringing all of that heavy stuff with you. Also, bringing much could mean adding up your baggage allowance and payment which can ruin your budgeting. Purposefully, travelling light and carefree is ideal because you are just travelling alone and this could mean your safety and convenience. 

Always do your researches back home – When you travel, see to it that you will do your part in researching the culture and the place of a certain country as a whole. This is for you to know what to expect most especially when it comes to the weather for you to also bring appropriate clothes fit for their weather. Not just that, you should also learn even the basics such as simple greetings and the dos and don’ts to keep in line and abide with their law.

Bring a map and an emergency kit along with you – The least thing that you can even imagine is to get lost in a lace that you have never been before with people and culture that you are not even familiar with. That is why as a lone traveler, it is always best to bring a map and an emergency kit containing medicines and flashlight to be used readily in cases of emergency.

Stay alert at all times – Keep in mind that when you are in a different country with different language and culture, make sure to stay alert at all times. This means that you have to at least be prepared most especially when learning even their basic greetings and how to show respect. It is very important for you to learn such basics to show to them that you are not just a tourist but you are also striving to learn what they are practicing. This would definitely make them happy and you will surely earn native friends that you will treasure forever.


5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Go and Travel the World Alone

The world is a vague sphere shaped planet that is full of wonders and mysteries. All the more, a very good reason for your soul to be awakened by the art of exploring and be amazed of what this world has in store for you. Now, there is no such reason for you to be afraid though because this is what makes the adventure more exciting. If you are not well convinced of how the world is going to amaze you, then think again. If you want to have fun, then travelling the world alone is a very good choice that you are to make and it does make sense because of the following reasons:

Your itinerary is your command – One of the greatest achievement that you are going to appreciate when you learn how to travel alone because your itinerary is your command. Meaning, there is no one who is going to destroy your plans or the kind of way you want the travel can be because you are just travelling alone. You can be whatever you want, can go wherever you want and can try out to experience things that are on your bucket list without asking for permission. This is now your chance to be what you are and who you are; even can find yourself by travelling aloe following what you heart, brain and feet brings you.

You are to appreciate your meaningful experiences – When you travel alone, you can always have that sense of fulfilment within you. This is what makes your experiences become even more valuable. That is why it would be a very good thing for you to always document your travel from the time that you have packed up your things until such time you reach home for you to have the chance to review the things that you’ve done, the things that you’ve tried out and the people that became your friends all along the way.

You are to exercise and boost your self confidence – When you go and travel alone, there is nothing that you can do but to speak out. There is nobody who is going to talk for you. With this, you will not just put your self confidence to test but you will also learn how to develop it and make it even more natural.

You will be the master of your budget – If there is no one with you on a travel, it will be a good opportunity for you to also practice thriftiness. You are in hold of your budget which means that you have to manage it well for you to still have enough money to reach home. This is such a good test to practice your financial capabilities.

It will make you a better person – From one country to the other, surely, all share diverse cultures. As a result of such diversity, you will learn how to develop and adjust to the society that you are now in. Also, you will learn how to deal with the natives and appreciate their cultures as well which can definitely shape you up and make you a better person.


Reasons to visit Maldives

Maldives is now one of the top picks for beautiful beaches. The view is really different from other places. It is not your typical view of the beach, it is more than that, and it is like a paradise.

Here are some reasons why you need to visit Maldives.

Maldives is Visa Free
Yes you read it right! Maldives doesn’t need any visa, all you need to have is a passport and you are good to go. There is no hassle of preparing too much or spending too much money for a visa. Instead you can save the money for your stay in Maldives.

The Endless Sea of blue
It has a panoramic view of turquoise blue sea water right outside the room you are staying in. It is like a picture perfect view. A good place to find relaxation, be calm and be at peace with yourself, with no distraction. If you really like intimate place, this place is right for you.  When you go swimming it is like getting lost in the sea with no directions because of the endless sea of blue you will be seeing. Sometimes when you are in the water you might think it is a pool, because of its very crystal clear water.

Take a pick of a new sport
When going to Maldives resort they have these complimentary water activities like canoeing, stand up paddling, snorkeling and sailing. Since the sea water in Maldives is very still, they only waves are made by passing ferries and sea planes, so it is really perfect to do the said water activities in this place.

The wonderful Marine Life
When you go snorkeling you will not believe of what you will see, it is like a pool full of coral reefs because of its endless row. So when there is coral reefs there is also fishes housing in the corals. A lot of species of fishes swimming in the sea of Maldives. You will really never see so many fishes and coral reefs in your life, it is only in Maldives! You better not forget you underwater camera because it is the only souvenir you can bring home- taking pictures of the wonderful marine life.

Tiny reef sharks
Yes there are sharks in Maldives, but do not panic they are harmless. There is a resort that has a scheduled a feeding time for them. But people are not allowed to go near the shore when they are there because they are afraid of people and may get stressed when touched. Feeding process is the feeders will leave the food in the shore and reef sharks will reach for it.

Surreal photos
Maldives has a very authentic and unique view and getting there you will think that everything is surreal and you will just be amaze of its beauty. You get to admire every view you see.  Aside from the souvenirs in the souvenir shop, another souvenir you can bring with you are the beautiful photos you took from Maldives, so you have to treasure very moment you are in there and don’t forget to pose.


Reasons to visit Santorini Greece

Santorini is one of the popular islands of Greece and may it seem to be true that also popular island to the world. Santorini maybe a small island but has all the nice spots that you want to see; the beautiful beaches, eye catching scenery, historical sites, surprising restaurants and maybe great wines as well. Santorini has it all for you. 

The Unique structures
As you can see all over the internet, pictures of the great Santorini, it has the white walls- you’re, not ordinary hotel buildings. You get to see the aerial view of it; it is like a mountain full of white domes but has mostly colored blue tops. It is truly captivating and makes you want to go.

Budget friendly
As what has been mentioned above that even though the beautiful structures they have, they have places like hostels that are really cheap to stay for a while, while vacationing in Santorini.

The food is as well budget friendly, if you can live off their street food. The traditional food they have is gyros – a dish made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie serve wrapped in a pita or a sandwich, with fries, tomatoes, onions and their sauce tzatziki sauce- and souvlaki – small pieces of meat and vegetables that are grilled in a skewer usually served with pita wrap with garnishes and sauces or simply in a dinner plate. They usually use pork meat, although there are other meat like chicken and lamb for those who do not eat pork meat. 

The Beautiful Sunset
Santorini is truly famous for its beautiful sunsets. Everywhere you go there is always a beach view in Santorini so the sunset can be seen beautifully there. You may be a romantic type of person or not, surely you will love the sunset view and will fall in love with it and you can say that ‘mother earth is truly amazing.

Beaches in Santorini, Greece are not your typical beach, because of their special graphical features. They have this volcanic small stones that are in red and black colors lays down the shore of the beaches in Santorini and also a picture perfect ambiance is provided in the place that are not typically seen anywhere. Red beach is really famous in Santorini.

Shopping spree
Their shops are filled with colorful stuffs from their dresses, bikinis, bags, body accessories, hats, wallets, souvenir items and many more displays. You won’t get your eyes off the shop because everything is so attractive and it makes you really want to buy and buy and buy more. 

Locals in Santorini
The people of Santorini are very friendly as they welcome you to their place. They always have this smile on their faces every time you meet them. It feels warm every time they welcome you. The very nice assurance is that the locals speak English well so it is not hard to go around the place.

Feeling the thrill already? Plan your visit to Santorini now!


Traveling to Paris

Why travel to Paris? Well, Paris is one of the most romantic places on earth. Paris has different places that will make you fall in love and will surely will go back over and over again. Once you get to see Paris you want to see it more. The ambiance in this place is very intimate and you will see a lot of lovers walking all over the place.

There are places in Paris that you have to visit and see the different beautiful structures.

The Eiffel Tower
It is part of the most symbolic structures in the world. Since the Eiffel tower was constructed in 1889 it was the tallest structure of the world until 1930 so it was called as ‘The Iron Lady’ or also recognized as the World Exhibition Monster. Eiffel tower was built by Gustave Eiffel. Basically no trip to Paris is complete without a visit to the most iconic structure. Some couples said it would really be a romantic thing to do visiting Eiffel tower in Paris and has this as a backdrop of your picture.  At night it would really stand out because of its light that captures your eyes it really glows. When sunset comes and until the dawn the Eiffel tower glistens and shines. Can you imagine that? Wouldn’t’ that be an amazing thing to watch? Well if your answer is yes then visit Paris!

The taste of France with a win and a little cheese
Wines have different tastes there are sweet, some a little bit robust and some a little bit bitter, nonetheless, wine is really healthy and good for our heart. Well, France has one of the best wines in the world. As weird as it is they match it with cheese. They say it is because to balance the taste of the wine and because if you eat sweets the taste of the wine will be ruined- you won’t be tasting the sweet taste of the wine anymore so instead eat a cheese and relish the sweet taste of the wine. Paris, France is a great place for wine enthusiasts.

The Louvre Museum
One of the Paris must visited and world’s largest museum. A few of the world’s greatest piece of art is seen here, not to mention da Vinci’s symbolic Mona Lisa. You can also see a pyramid in the grand entrance of the Louvre Museum, it adds highlight to the place. Surely art enthusiasts will love the place and will find things that surely they will fall in love with and may inspire some artists.

Moulin Rogue
It is the famous entertainment show in the world. Known as the spiritual place of origin of the can-can dance, the traditional red windmill can still be seen in the trendy Pigalle section. You get to enjoy the performances while the orchestra gets the audience into a dancing mood. Those who love to see people performing and love entertainment; surely they will appreciate this place.
Make sure to put this on your list and visit Paris!


Traveling 101 : The Basics

When you travel , you want to enjoy and relax. The planning stage of your trip can be conducive in its success and an enjoyable part of the experience itself. You have a world of choices and plenty to consider. There are times that you know exactly where you want to go and have been fantasizing about your trip for years. Maybe you have even started anticipating your social media uploads. Remember that almost everything can be more costly on a vacation, so you should not assume that a week-long travel will only cost as much as a week's rate of living expenses . Worries about unforeseen expenses should be far from your mind. Here are some of the helpful things that you have to consider before going to a leisure travel.

Do research

It is very difficult to plan a trip without giving your brain a summary of the travel route. Before going to a destination it is important to be always aware and informed with the place that you are about to go. You have to make plans for your trip at least a month ahead and you can research the region further to add more things to your bucket list.

Be prepared with your finances

If going to a different country, it is best for you to do your math for the monetary conversion rate first , you wouldn't want to go leisure travel short on cash. It's best to get a local cash since not all fees can be paid with a credit card and you can also take along some of your own currency . If traveling domestically , be sure to go to your bank to get some money so that you will not look for an ATM when get to your destination. Make a budget and give it more allowance for unexpected payments.

Your Safety

Be very careful about what you eat or drink . Get an insurance so that you can have your stuffs insured and as well as your health. Sometimes spending more money is worth it for some extra security and at least you are giving yourself the peace of mind of knowing that you are guaranteed against medical expenses . Limit your alcohol intake also and know your limits when you've had enough.

Weather Condition

This is a single factor that can also affect your travel and also taken for granted for most of the travelers , this can be beneficial or disadvantageous to you. An updated weather forecast can guide your packing strategy.

Communication devices and mobile phones

If you are planning to travel with your mobile phones , you may not realize that costs skyrocket when you use the phone's various features while out of the country or if you are in a different place. Decide how you will utilize your phone and you can use free calling services like Skype to save minutes on your phone , you just have to look for a Wi-Fi Hotspot. To save battery consumption you can also put your phone on Airplane or Flight Mode , with this you won't be able to use data or send/receive SMS and calls but you will still be able to use Wi-Fi.

Let someone know where you are

Let a friend or a family member know your itinerary , flight , and hotel information or location. Tell them ahead of time if you will have any change of plans . It is significant for you to get in touch with them so you will have contact in case of emergencies .
A nice travel is the result of a good plan. As a traveler , you will make some anchor decisions some subset of who is going , where , when and why . Leave all your worries at home and it is all about exploring and going to an adventure . Make sure you don't forget those things before you get in trouble. Knowing your own necessities and how to manage them will make your travel experience more enjoyable . If you are well informed and prepared for your trip, you will surely enjoy it.


Tips on How to Travel on A shoestring Budget

People today become more attracted to travelling due to the intensive advertisement of different tourist destinations in the social media. Even back then, each one of us has that urge to travel somewhere else, to explore and experience the beauty and culture of other countries, to get away from stress, and even just to have soul-searching. But the real problem is that travelling is not like a walk in the park. It requires planning, scheduling and most importantly, budgeting. The struggle might get tough when you are in a shoestring budget. Well, no need to back out from that most awaited travel. Here are some tips that could help you enjoy travelling even in a low budget.

Book your tickets early.
As soon as you have planned on where to travel, you should take into consideration on when to travel. Mostly, booking flights early can save you cost. You can book your flight as early as six months from your scheduled trip. Some people do schedule their flights one year earlier which saves at least 60% of the normal ticket price.

Do Your Research.
Yes, you have already decided on where to travel and now imagining things to do once you are already there. However, doing some research can save you a lot of money. You can look for reviews on the best and cheapest places to go, where to eat, or look for a low-cost yet decent place to stay. Furthermore, you can check the mode of transportation in the places that you want to visit as well as how much would it cost you to reach you destination. Before going, be mindful about the things that you need once you are there.

Plan your daily activities.
As part of your research, you will most like to identify the things to do and the best place to visit. List them all down and divide them depending on your travel period. Take into account the distance and cost for each destination so you will not cut short on your financial plan.  Don’t let a day idle. Remember, you are in a budget.  Explore as much as you can.

Pack Light.
To save you from luggage cost and avoid the hassle from carrying your things, bring those you only need.  So if you are going to a mountain adventure, then most probably you could just bring your boots and extra flip flops plus some lightweight clothes. Or if you’ll go to a resort, you can carry some swimming wears and extra clothes to change into. Additionally, be aware your travel period for you to estimate the things you need to bring.

Travel in Groups.
This is one of the most cost-efficient ways of travelling. Being in a group means you can divide your travel expenses. For example, instead of staying in a hotel, you could just rent an apartment which is most comfortable space-wise and are a lot cheaper. Or if you are going to travel along the way to get to a certain place, instead of commuting individually, you could rent a car which is more convenient and saves you time. Be sure to rent with a chauffeur so you need not to stress yourself out about directions. Besides, the fun is heightened when you have companions to joke around and share the same experience with.

Generally, travelling in a shoestring budget is not most likely to matter as you long as you have planned beforehand. Taking into consideration the possibilities or circumstances that you might encounter in your place of travel is a must. Besides, you need not to have a lot of money to travel.  As long as you know your limitations and your goals, then travelling is a budget-friendly thing.  What is important at the end of the day is the experience and satisfaction that you get. As the saying goes, “invest in experiences”. It is much more worthwhile that the material things that you have. Remember, money matters come and go but the time and experience you miss cannot be taken back once it’s gone. Enjoy travelling.


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