Luxurious Place to Spend Honeymoon – A Romantic Getaway in Maui

Honeymoons – the perfect time to just be alone with your spouse and escape from the world together in romance. This is what newlyweds often look forward to; asking questions like how and where they would like spend it in.
There are so many places to spend the perfect luxurious honeymoon together, but what stands out so much among the rest is definitely in the island of Maui, Hawaii. It is the perfect place where couples can walk hand-in-hand and have romantic strolls on the white sandy beaches, or enjoy the pristine blue ocean. Aside from that, the exotic sceneries like watching the beautiful sunsets would definitely leave you breathless. Here are some ways where you and your partner can get lost together in the romance the island of Maui could bring.

Where to Stay
When going on vacations, especially romantic ones like honeymoons, it is always important to know where you and your partner would like to stay. It’s a honeymoon, so you’d have to know where you can spend some alone time with your partner, right?
In Maui, whether you stay in the west coast or in South Maui, you’d still be able to find yourself surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and also good weather. However, if you are looking for the place with wider assortments of inns, hotels, or condominiums, Kihei in South Maui is probably the best one for you.

The Hana Highway
The beautiful Hana Highway is one of the most sought after attractions you can find when you’d be going to Maui. This is perfect place to be able to appreciate nature as it is.
When you’d be driving on the road to Hana, you’d be able to encounter Maui’s beautiful and exotic sceneries. With the beautiful view of the waterfalls and the gardens with different exotic plants, it’s a trip you wouldn’t want to miss. The drive on the highway to Hana is already in itself romantic; more romantic than getting to the actual destination.

Molokini Island
Molokini island is a crescent-shaped island found somewhere off the southern coast of Maui. The water around the island is so crystal clear, that you can actually see up to 150 feet towards the sea floor on a clear, sunny day.
The perfect place for all the diving and snorkeling enthusiasts is definitely in Molokini. With the pristine blue waters, you and your partner would be able to come by different exotic sea creatures of different species. Marveling at nature’s works together with the one you love can definitely be something very romantic

Waianapanapa State Park
Pronounced as “Why-Ah-naa-paa-naa-paa”, this beautiful place not only attracts you with its black sand beaches, it also has lava rock sculptures, lava caves, and wet caves with lava tubes that contain fresh running water within them. Needless to say, it is a very interesting place to explore in.

Aside from the different places to explore within the park, restrooms and picnic tables are also made available, so you and your partner can just relax and enjoy staying at the park, watching the different species of seabirds that go by.
It is in enjoying nature as it is that can make this trip truly romantic with your partner. With this, you could truly make your honeymoon a unique and memorable experience; something that you and your partner would want to look back from time to time.


Travel tips to Singapore

Are you planning on travelling? Well Singapore is a must place to visit. It is the safest, cleanest and secured country in the world. They have this no smoking anywhere policy and just smoke in a smoking area. They also say that Singapore is the finest city, it actually has two meanings on it; finest city because it is of a high quality city and the other meaning is because fine means penalty and the authority really fines a person even if the small wrong doings. So everyone really follows and obey rules and regulations.

Travelling to Singapore is really never a head ache since security is no problem everyone is really honest and good people. You will never have a hard time travelling there since it is just a small country the train station is just connected to every train station in the place; you’ll never get lost – because the map of the place is everywhere in the train station.

Singapore Changi Airport
One of the busiest airport and best connected in the world, it handles over 100 airlines flying to some 300 other cities. Changi is an award-winning airport; it is mustered with activities and amenities, which is why it is a world-class attraction in its own right.

Weather in Singapore
The climate in Singapore is classified as tropical rainforest, with no distinct seasons. The humidity is high and abundant rainfall. So it practically means when going to Singapore umbrella is really a must when going out. T-shirts and shorts will do in going on a trip there since it is humid.

Transportation in Singapore is not a problem since there are buses and trains – trains really arrive on time and it’s very efficient and fast. But before riding on any transportation you must have the Tap-up Card, it’s like a debit card you need to add load and just tap it up on the sensor to take a ride and tap it up again when you go down from the ride, basically that’s how they pay for their fare.
A reminder when riding their transportation, you cannot eat or drink while inside the bus or train. It’s a rule they have and if you violate, a very big penalty will be fined to you.

Where to go in Singapore

Sentosa Island is the most popular island in Singapore; this is where the Universal studio Singapore is located. The big amusement park has everything fun. The rides that make you go crazy and the Disney characters that you feel in love with and adventures that amazes you. They also have a beach in this island which they called Siloso beach; after having fun in the amusement park you can have a quick dip and enjoy the scenery. It’s an adventure of a life time you will never forget.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore
They have a mall that has everything. They have this little Venetia and the paddle boat that you ride on. They also have a water show that makes can mesmerize the viewers. It can really relive the stress and helps forget problems, because it is that beautiful. They also have this boat-like hotel that is quite an attraction. You must visit Singapore to see all these wonderful places.


Top 5 Destinations to Travel with Your Kids

Any kind of travel is always fun when you can have time to laugh and bond with the kids. It makes the relationship stronger and it brings each member of the family closer. In bonding times you really want that your kids will enjoy every moment you have with them and we all know kids really love adventures- it is there weakness.

This article will help you find the top 5 destinations to travel with your kids. This will surely help and make you time worth the while.

  • Amusement Park – Like the Universal Studios in Florida, Japan, and Singapore where the whole family will enjoy especially the kids. They have a lot of fun things offered. They have the rides that will surely make everyone feel the thrill. There are places where replicates a house of a movie or characters that the kids will love. There are restaurants where the family can dine in and enjoy the scenery. There are also theaters where you can watch a live act of a favorite Disney character. It is like a dream land for the kids, where there favorite characters came alive and they can touch and can play with and take a photo for a souvenir for them to remember. Parent will not regret bringing their kids in these kinds of places.
  • Museums – Once in a while it is nice to bring the kids in a museum; where they can learn a lot of things. It can help develop their imaginations. It is also good that kids will appreciate art and history because it is part of being a citizen to know the great historic adventure of their own places. Let them be knowledgeable of what is around them, because they say curious kids are the intelligent one because if they keep asking questions it means they are interested to learn more and know more. So museums are also great for bonding time with parents and their kids.
  • Oceanarium – This is really good to go out with kids. They will really have fun watching fishes swim and they can actually interact with different mammals like swimming with the dolphins, watching seals performs. In this place they can see a lot of new fishes, jellyfishes and other marine life that are not seen every day by the kids. This will help them learn more about marine life and help them educate as well.
  • Water Parks – Water park adventures are one of the most enjoyable activities the kids will really love and have fun with. The slides; from the small slides to the enormous slide that will really give everyone a thrill while riding and splashing into the water. Plus the pools are really big and so everyone will be enjoying. Time will really spent well in these places.  Just don’t forget to put you sun screens, so that you will not get burnt by the sun.
  • Local Parks – For those who have tight budget that will not stop the fun for you to enjoy a family day. Having a picnic or a barbecue on the park is also a bonding time with the kids. Preparing some fun games and activities while having a picnic in the park. I’m pretty sure it is not time consuming since you are not travelling far. So more time will be spent on bonding activities, so no need to go far.

Cheapest Place to spend A Honeymoon

A Honeymoon is one of the most exciting parts of newly wed couples, where in they can enjoy for the first time of being a married couple. Honeymooning is also for those married couples who’ve been married for a couple of years and want to be intimate with their partner again and just the two of them; no kids, no parents or friends that can distract them. So it means the place should be very unforgettable, romantic and intimate for them. Some say for the newly wed couples, it’s the time where the make their first baby.  But it doesn’t mean it has to be very expensive.

The different places you could go for your Honeymoon

  • Rocky Mountains, Colorado – one of the beautiful state and the place look surreal because of the beautiful mountains and the beautiful sea around the area that makes you fall in love again and again.
  • Sonoma, California – There is nothing more romantic in a place full of wine that the couple could enjoy both the drinking and the scenery. The place offered a hot air balloon ride and hiking through the redwood forest. Wine tasting is the best thing the couples could do in the place.
  • Florida Keys – For those couple who has dreamt of going to Caribbean, but can’t afford to fly overseas, well Florida Keys is here to save you dream with a more budget friendly honeymoon which the couples can enjoy. Once you get there, you can enjoy snorkeling in the warm waters, swim with the dolphins and the best part is watching the mesmerizing sunset while toasting to your new life together. It is surely one of the best moments in your life once you get there.
  • Santorini, Greece – one of the most romantic places you could go. The view is really amazing, the sea water is very clear and you will love the diving in their water. The view is magnificent; the white walls of their infrastructures are quite remarkable. A place where you will fall in love with and a romantic place that will never fail you. 
  • Oahu, Hawaii – one of the perfect places for honeymoons because of their calm waters, dry weather, and blissful nightlife. The beach where couples will surely enjoy and the sunset that can melt your heart.
  • Big Sur, California – very dramatic scenery which couples can enjoy and appreciate the beautiful coastline that has inspired a lot of artists and writers. Their beach has turquoise-hued water that you will surely love and the place has also a beautiful pine forest. Couples will never get tired of the scenery. You better check this place out!
  • Havasupai, Arizona – For those couple who are adventure seekers and a memorable honeymoon on a budget, this place surely is for them. They have the most breath taking scenery on earth and the magical Havasu Falls that will capture your eyes, soul and heart.

A Honeymoon should not always be expensive, it is the bond between two people that matters the most. It may be the cheapest place or a lavish place, you just have to enjoy the moment together and be thankful for each other.


Best Holiday Destination for Couples

It’s nice travelling with your loved ones. It’s like a team building for the two of you, because travelling together is somewhat a kind of challenge as well- you budget money, get lost and find your way again, you find a good place to dine, a good place to stay and all those kinds of things. 

Now days there are a lot of relationship goals that are being posted on the social media and one of them is travelling together. You may not copy those but you can create your own relationship goals.
There are different types of couple travelling together: The couple that likes adventures, and the couple that loves intimate places with romantic scenery they can really enjoy and be relaxed.

Adventure Seeker Couples
They are the couple that likes to go outdoor activities anywhere and are physically fit for anything.

  • Lake Tahoe is one of the best places to go for an adventure. Name it and they have it. From air activity, down to mountain activity and water activity they have it all prepared for you. It would be an adventure for the couples to do all the activities together; surely it’s an adventure of their life they won’t forget.
  • Grand Canyon has one of the most breath taking views in the world. Being their together and witnessing the beauty of nature makes you appreciate more your partner. It’s a view that you will not get enough of and you want more of it. The view is really surreal because of its beautiful rock formations.
  • Everglades National Park, Florida is perfect for adventure seeker couples; because there is a wide range of hiking trails that will surely be a challenge .You can do adventures like canoeing and kayaking as well. Couples won’t surely get bored because of fun activities offered in the place.
  • Pisgah National Forest, North California,  the place known as the “Land of Waterfalls”, because as you trail, you will be passing by a lot of falls, where you can stop and take a quick deep and move on to the next falls or just enjoy the scenery. You can also camp in the place. The place provides good and safe campsites for you.

Romantic Couples
They are the couples who prefer to sit and relax and enjoy the scenery and get romantic in the place.

  • Maldives is one of the places where the beach is very perfect and the scenery is very calm and the place is very intimate because it is just a small island, but contains all the beauty in the world. Surely the couples will forget every problem they have. It is like a dreamland where in you don’t want to be awake and never go back to reality.
  • Jeju Island in Korea is also one of the romantic places in the world because of the scenery and a lot of romantic activities they can do that they will never forget and will remember for a life time.

Tips For A Healthy Vacation

Whether you travel for work or to give yourself a break, travelling sometimes disrupts your healthy routine. Taking a rest and eating foods you crave, can lead to an unhealthy body. So for you to prevent these unhealthy habits, you should learn some of the more helpful tips to encourage you to maintain a healthier body.

Do workouts before the said travel schedule
Before living your place, if you want to maintain a well-balanced body, do some work out exercises at the gym or at your home. Tighten up your diet and prevent eating too much before you travel. If your habit is going to the gym daily to maintain your body fit, then utilize your time in different work outs before going to travel.

Research on the place’s accessible activities and leisure
Since part of the plan is to review the place of destination you are going to go, check the amenities and available activities they can provide you so that you can still do your routine work outs while enjoying your vacation.

Pack foods or snacks rich in good nutrients
Instead of buying junk foods or any high calories foods and drinks, if you are hungry while you are in travel trip, you can pack foods and biscuits which sustain good nutrition for your healthy body. Avoid taking orders in fast-food chains.

Bring with you handy work out equipment
If the hotel that you are going to stay has no access of gym, then the best thing to do is to bring handy equipment that you may use for workout, then go to city just to avail gym for workouts. You can bring with you, small dumb bells and or a jumping rope. This is cheap and less of a hassle.

Engage yourself in sports and have fun outside
Of course if you are tired of going to the gym, then you may engage yourself with outdoor sports and activities that others are doing and are involved. Making fun and leisure outside, giving you more endurance and you are just doing workouts at the gym. Involving yourself outdoor will add more glow into your body.

Travelling is fun and pleasurable. You can do whatever you want to do, you can go wherever you want to go but never forget to keep your body healthy while you enjoy the rest of your vacation.


Best Value Tourist Attractions In Monaco

Monaco is said to be the smallest country but still a good place to visit and spend vacation. This country has become popular in car racing events, known for romantic tales and gambling activity. This is a great place to get along with rich and wealthy travelers and those influential people in industry. But if you are looking for the best value attractions you can still fit your budget to sightseeing and amazing tourist’s attraction which you will find in some parts of Monaco. You may go to some of the best locations that are cheap and affordable. And here are some of them;

Prince’s Palace of Monaco
Walk along with this wonderful palace of great rulers of Monaco. Discover the attractive exterior design and structure of the palace and capture moments while you roam around the historical place.

Monte Carlo Casino
For those who can afford to gamble and play games this place fits you. You can play any games you want such as Baccarat, roulette and slot machines. The known 007 agent James Bond has also tried to play here. The said casino requires dress codes and admission fees and for those visitors like you, passports and other ID are needed before you enter the said building.

Who would not want to try the amazing scenic view of Monaco ville which is also called as Le Rocher. This place is the oldest town in Monaco where you can see settlers built their houses on the rock facing the Mediterranean Sea. Aside from enjoying the view by the sea, you can also drop by and stay new built hotels and or eat and dine at restaurants and buy stuffs at souvenir shops at this town.

Monaco Grand prix
For those car racing enthusiasts and obsessed with grand prix events, consider Monaco as one of the famous venue of this said event in the nation. Witness the amazing race at the track field only in Monaco.

Jardin Exotique
Plant lover travelers will appreciate the beautiful botanical garden in Monaco which is Jardin Exotique. This garden is built on the cliff side. One of the numerous plants that will be found here is the cactus plants. The said location of the garden can give you a satisfying view of Monaco harbor which makes you appreciate the beauty of the country.

Oceanographic Museum
Kids who travel with you would absolutely love to see the different marine creature’s collection at the historical museum which is the Oceanographic museum.

You will learn to love Monaco if you want to, Visit Monaco and enjoy your travel vacation.


Top Things You Can See On The Big Island Of Hawaii

Hawaii which is one of the U.S. island states became popular to people and tourists because of the warm welcome brought from its wonderful scenery and amazing island features that entices a lot more tourists to come and visit. Because it is situated in North America and near in the Pacific its culture is influenced both in American and Asian aspect. Hawaii has nice tropical climate so enjoy and love the sea breeze of the island. Settlers have a warm and good trait that makes you comfortable while you enjoy yourself doing the several activities and see the different breathtaking view from this island. So if it comes to your mind that you want to travel here and spend your vacation, then here are the different sights and activities you will see in Hawaii Island;

Walk in the park
For those who want to trail in the morning and witness the overlooking view of waterfalls, you may try Akaka Falls State Park and or try the footbridge garden of Liliuokalani gardens that are authentic made by Japanese people living here.

Chill with live band music
At night, if you want to chill out and have some drink while listening to music, you can go to some Hawaiian restaurants and bars where you can hear the different contemporary Hawaiian music. Enjoy your nightlife at Billfish Poolside Bar and Grille that provides you with casual servings near the pool.

Do a horseback riding
For those who want to enjoy some scenic point of view of the island of Hawaii and discover the rich landscape scenery, you can rent a horse and do the horseback riding in Waimea or you may take a trail near the waterfalls of Waipio valley.

Capture moments with arts and galleries
If you are art crafts lovers, and you want to see the different ancient artworks of the people in the past, you can take a view at

Holualua and Kona coffee.
Visit historical places
Get to know with the historical places in Hawaii where you can see the birthplace of the known cowboy Paniolo. Roam around

Puuhonua, national historical park in south
Dance and jive with festival seasons
Don’t miss to witness the never ending happenings during Hawaiian seasons and how they celebrate their different festivals, you will surely love to come back here especially during coffee cultural festivals, you will witness the amazing dances and culture that they had.

Hawaii is not just an island, it is a place full of good and wonderful memories that you should not miss when you come, don’t forget this synonymous paradise of Hawaii State.


Choosing Suitable Hotel Accommodation

When you plan for a vacation, one of the important things that you should not forget to pay special attention to, is the place where you are going to stay especially when you plan to stay for several days or weeks. You should consider how to choose one, which will help make your vacation enjoyable and relaxing too. You want to have a comfortable room to rest after a long  travel and to come back to after being out all day and night exploring your vacation destination. So to help you with your planning, here are some helpful tips that serves as your guide;

Set budget plan
You should always put on your mind that when you are on a travel trip, you should set aside first the money that you are going to use to pay in the said hotel, make sure that when you choose a hotel everyone would agree with the price so that everyone would not have problem during the time of contract signing and during payment time.

See hotel features and amenities
Secure first the area before you decide to have favored choice. See to it that the staffs and the rest of the management will assure to provide your needs and wants while you are staying in their premises. Check if it has the amenities that you need especially the comfort room.

Check hotel reviews and client’s feedbacks
It is also a helpful tip when you read the different recommendations and feedbacks of the people via internet about the said hotel. If it satisfied you then it’s a good choice.

Consider your company
If you have family or friends with you while you are traveling to some places, always assure their safety and comfort while they are going to stay in your chosen hotel . Ask them what they want so that you would know what they don’t like.

Check and inspect the hotel environment
If you want to secure the place, then better check the hotel structure building or you may roam around first and check the ambiance of the place or environment

Ask recommendations to close friends
If you have friends with you who have experience staying in some hotels in the place your visiting, you can ask them and ask suggestions about suitable hotels that will fit to your family.

Planning for a vacation should take consideration when choosing hotels because your enjoyment lies on how beautiful your morning is when you wake up in some places.


Nepal- A Place of Historical Temples And Mystical Religious Sites

Nepal is situated near the border of India and China, which is near the Himalayas Mountains rich with attractive tourist spots. It has an enticing view of high mountains with nice scenery and breathtaking views any spot you stand. It is equipped with many temples between Hindi and Buddhist religion established by different monarchies ruled over Nepal. Having the warm and welcoming people living there, makes you feel comfortable while you are on vacation. The traits and culture of the people will surely entice many tourists because it’s very interesting. So, if you plan to visit Nepal, here are some amazing spots to consider;

For those interested in mountain climbing, Annapurna is nice route to try and go trekking. This is located in western Himalayas of the country. During winter season it was always covered with snow and entices more tourists to come to the country and experience cold season vacation.
One of the pilgrimage sites, birthplace of Buddha. It is town situated at southwest plains in Nepal, where you can see a lot of ruins of the ancient city. This park has been rebuilt again and other parts of the area still have the remains of old monasteries. You can take some picture if you want to for souvenirs of the great heritage park.
This beautiful scenery is one of the known attractions in Nepal. You can take a trek up to the top and feel the breath taking view at the peak of the mountain where you can see the lake of Phewa and the peak of Himalayas surrounded with snow. So try to drop by this trek experience in here.
This panoramic view of the mountain will surely be loved by most tourists who will come here this place. You can also view the known Mount Everest and other peak mountains that will attract you more that entice you to take some picture with beautiful background of top mountains.
If you drop by the city of Kathmandu, you may try the different cuisine of the local people of Nepal. Take a stroll through the different street shops and you may find something you want to bring home as souvenirs.

Nepal becomes popular among other country because of its many historical places and sites, Experience the exciting tour in Nepal.


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