Benefits When You Travel

To travel is one of the essential things we need in our life. Every day in our life is full of challenges and most of the time we get stress. We sometimes think and wish to pause and have a break in what we call the Real World. To travel is the only way we can see to make our wish come true. If you are thinking of the money you will spend well here are the benefits you can get in travelling.

You get the chance to escape and forget your problems, worries and stress. The chance to get away on it for just a few days is a mind refreshing. You will notice after your travel you have a positive mind thinking and you will get to see the solution in your problem easily. Because when we are stressed our mind is polluted which we can’t think of the right solution to our problem and on that we need to have a break just to refresh our mind. Also because when we are on a vacation we get the relaxation we needed which we can’t get it at home. Travelling is not only to refresh our mind but also we get the relaxation we needed after all you hard work. Admit it the rest day we have from our natural Resources. Or if you are not working even if you are just staying at home there are still worries and sometimes staying at home is more than twice the stress you get if you are employed. Our body needs it. To travel is to energized and to recharged our body mind and soul.

Also when you travel a lot we get the chance to experience and know the culture of each places. And that’s when we became more knowledgeable about each places culture, history and tradition. And you will be more open minded when it comes to different cultures. You  get to witness it in our own eyes also the natural beauty of the place. We will see it more than what we can just imagine when we are reading the magazines, books and on the internet. And also we get the chance to learn a little of their language. Which we can use during your stay.

Travelling may be a bit of expensive sometimes depending on where we go and on our planned activities. But travelling gives us a lot of benefits and it is for our health and for our self. Because when we travel sometimes we discover some of our traits that we didn’t thought after all. We suggest you to travel as many as you can every year depending on when your body needs it. And also depends on your funds available so please save more money that is for the benefit of you health and body. And a consolation prize for all of your hard work. So don’t think twice go and explore the world. And see what they can offer to you. Enjoy your travel!


Interesting Places to go this Christmas Season

Christmas season is the most awaited holiday celebration for most people. This is where family, friends and relatives meet and spends quality time with each other. This is also a season for gifts. Christmas season is probably the most special event throughout the year.

You might also like to go to other interesting places to celebrate this season. Make your holiday vacation one of the most memorable and unforgettable experience of all time. Bring your family and loved ones to the perfect place to celebrate Christmas holiday. You can go to warm places or enjoy the beautiful snow from other places. Whichever you choose you will definitely enjoy it. Enjoy the interesting places you can go to this Christmas season.  Here is the list of the places that would be perfect for you.

Key West, Florida

If you like to spend Christmas holidays in a nice, warm temperature then this place is highly recommended for you. You can enjoy the beaches in this place. This is perfect for people who like to spend quality time with a lot of people. If you know how to have fun, then this place is just the right place for you.

Durango, Colorado

If you want to spend time in a much quieter place along with your family, then this mountainous place without much hype is the right one for your taste. You can just enjoy the natural surroundings of that beautiful place.

Aspen, Colorado

Is a white Christmas what you are looking for? You will definitely find it in Aspen Colorado. This place is perfect for people who like skiing. This place is also known for their very cool music events and wonderful decorations. This place will definitely make you feel the spirit of Christmas.

New York, New York

Some people want to experience grand celebration so if you like that kind of celebration then this place will suit you best. Enjoy the gigantic Christmas tree in New York. This place is one of the best places to shop and gifts for your loved ones. You will definitely love the uniqueness of this city and you will never forget the experience that you will be having here.

Santa Claus, Indiana

Now, this place is very famous especially for the children. There are plenty of letters actually that are sent to this place. Most of these letters are written by the children. So if you have kids then you might as well make their dreams by going to Santa Claus, Indiana. There are plenty of attractions in this place that you and your children would enjoy.

Mackinac Island, Michigan

This is probably one of the most interesting destinations that you can go to. This is probably the only place where Christmas celebration is just the same celebration as they do for 100 years.  Before you can reach this wonderful place you will have to ride ferry first. This place has a small population of like 500 people. This is quite interesting since the people here, still travels by a buggy or by a horse.


Some Tips and Advice When Travelling

Travelling is our number one stress reliever to travel is our mean of escaping to what we call “The Real World” especially when we are working already our work sometimes is the cause of our stress or even if we are not working there are still worries to think off. Travelling once in a while is good most especially to our health because travelling makes us relax and keep us away from our worries. We have some tips and advice for you whenever you want to shut down your real world just for a few days.

Plan you trip ahead we highly recommend to smoothly plan your trip since you just doing it on in a while. Check the best places you can go or your dream place to spend your break. Then when you get to know and you are decided to which place you will spend your vacation. Check if there is a travel agency that offers a complete package or you can also customize your own travel. Choose the one you think you can save money at the same time. If you think travel agency provides you the complete package, then choose it or if you think you can save more when you do it yourself travel well better not to get any travel agency. Make sure that you get the chance to enjoy the place and the activities it offers. Make sure that you make a research and you study the place very well so you have an idea for the activities you can do and if you love to eat as well and you want to try different delicacies they have better research it as well also don’t forget to check on the suggested restaurant.

Check your real world schedule on how many days of break you can have. We recommend having at least seven days especially if it is an out of the country trip. So you get to enjoy and experience the place very well also you get the chance to know what culture and tradition they have. That is one of the advantages of travelling you get to know different cultures and traditions and the people as well and little of their language. Make sure you have enough funds for your travel. Because in travelling almost every move you make, every activity you do requires money. But remember experience is more than the value of the money you will spend. Or you can just budget your expenses and activities but make sure you get to try everything you want. When trying some extreme activities or even just a simple activity make sure that you are prepared and make sure you are at the good condition. Your health is your wealth, Okay?

When you follow, and take those tips and advice you are ready to go. Enjoy your travel and forget your worries for the mean time just enjoy, relax and give yourself a break. Happy travel!


The Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Going to the beach is our usual way of taking our vacation. Or whenever we get stressed beach is always our get away. It is our usual family and friends bonding. Even for honeymoon beach is their usual destination. Beach is our Ideal destination as it is mind refreshing and perfect to think of anything. And while watching the waves it makes us forget our worries and problems which make us relax. Beach is the answer for a stress our number one stress reliever. Having that stated running out of ideas on where to go on your next vacation? We have something that can help you decide where to go next.

  • Bali located in Indonesia. It is one of the tourist destination in Indonesia. Which also means “heaven”. When you get to experience the place, it really feels like heaven and you get to relax with the beautiful view and enjoy the white sand and crystal clear water Experience the paradise in Bali.
  • Playa del Amor also called or known as the Hidden Beach in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. They said the island was formed because of the bombs made from the military. Because the island is a military testing site where they perform a bomb testing. Well they just made a Lovers Island were the romance is all over the place.
  • Maldives visit the paradise of Maldives. Experience white sand beach and explore their paradise under water. It is sunny all year around. Enjoy their tropical weather. Maldives is known for its perfectly white sand beaches.
  • Maya Bay located in Kho Phi Phi Thailand. This is an amazingly beautiful white sand beach. It was first introduce in the film The beach in 1990. And became the most popular beach after the film. It became one of the tourist attraction in Thailand. You can visit the place any time but we highly recommend to go and take your vacation during their high season every November to April. And so, you get to enjoy all the activities they can offer.
  • Plage de Tahiti in France one of the most popular beach in France and known as the world’s sexiest beach. It is stunningly beautiful and sexy. Plage de Tahiti is one of the tourist destinations in France during summer.

Beach can keep us calm. And most of us are dreaming to go and explore different and beautiful beaches not only in our country but in the whole world. There is so much more list for the beautiful beaches in the world some are undiscovered yet and the list above are the most recommended beach in the world and they got the highest feedback from their former clients.

Beaches listed above maybe a bit expensive and requires effort to travel but always keep in mind that all the money and effort you will spend will be paid more than twice. Your experience will pay it all. Enjoy your travel and the beach.


Life is full of beautiful beaches in Asia

One of the first things we think when we want to escape and shut down our real world is to go to the beach.  Having a day or two in the beach is our way of taking our vacation. Whenever we think we need space or we need a place to think we always see ourselves going, on the beach. Now do you to take an off? Or you can’t think of the best beaches in Asia? Nothing to worry we have the best and the most beautiful beaches listed for you.

1.Boracay – Visit the temptation Island in the Philippines, located in Aklan. It is the Philippines Crown jewel. Also, listed one of the best beaches in the world. Boracay is known for its white and finest sand also for its crystal-clear water.
2. Bali located in Indonesia. One of the famous and best tourist destination in Indonesia. Which means “Heaven”. Place is naturally beautiful and the place where you can take the relaxation you needed. And with a warm people which is more than happy to take you a tour and serve you.
3. Radhanagar beach – located in India. It is famous because of the softness of the sand and while you are taking your rest along the beach you can all watch the sunset.
4. RaiLeh – The paradise located in Thailand. You will be mesmerized in this place because it is naturally beauty. RaiLeh is one of the most beautiful beach is Thailand.
5. Sihanoukville– this one of a kind and preserved beach is located in Cambodia. Which also surrounded with the beautiful beaches and Islands in Cambodia. If you are trying to seek for not so crowded place better go and see the natural beauty that this island offer.
6. NhaTrang – A sweeping crescent Beach is located in Vietnam. Enjoy the beautiful view that this island offers and Get mesmerize in the paradise under the water.

Beaches always keep us calm and can make us inspire and refresh our minds. We go to the beach at any occasions or just anytime we want to because there where we can feel the silence and it is the perfect place to take the day off we need after all our hard work. There are still undiscovered beaches and islands not only in Asia but also in the whole world. Beach makes us realize the beauty of our world. And makes us realize that we need to take good care of our land.

Travelling in to different beaches may cause a lot of money and requires a full effort when travelling. But always remember this just a consolation after all your hard work. Going to the beach is just your why of giving yourself a time and keep you away from your worries. The amount of money you will spend is just the money that you can earn again in time but the experience is something you will never earn if you don’t travel.


Japan activities and its adventure

Looking for your Japan adventures and activities? NO idea yet? Nothing to worry they have load of tours and adventures for you. Japan is a perfect combination of past and future. From the ancient temples to modernize cities. Japan is known for its advance technology and still maintain their culture.  Here are the list of activities and adventures you can do during your stay in the land of the rising sun.

List of adventures, tours and activities you can do:
Maglev bullet train - Ride and experience the world’s fastest rain Maglev bullet train. Which beat its own record the bullet train.
HidaSatoyama – discover Japan’s country side and feel how they live in traditional way. This is a small town in Satoyama that is rich in culture and history. Surrounded by maintains and feel the fresh air coming from the trees and plants. Walk around the town and see the preserved art and feel the wisdom in the area.
Mt Fuji – take a day tour or two days tour and visit one of the world’s heritage site Mt. Fuji. Take a tour around the mesmerizing lake Ashi via boat. And hear the facts and history of the sights in the place. Take the Hakone Komagatake Ropeway and see the view of the Hakone National Park at the top of the Mt. Komagatake.
Robot Restaurant - watch the robot dancing while entertaining you at the Robot restaurant in Kabukicho red light district. It is hour Robot Cabaret show and be amaze while the robot entertains you. This will be one of your most unforgettable night experience in Tokyo.
Mt Tarumae – Visit one of the most beautiful landscape in Japan and experience the hiking in Mt. Tarumae with your guide and take some photos in Lake Shikotsi.
Himeji Castle  - Visit the elegant white castle known as White Heron Castle. It is considered as one of the best architecture in Japan.
Kiyomizu- dera – Experience the beauty of Kiyomizu-dera . It is known for its landscape and one of the Kyoto’s pride. It was also listed as one of the World Cultural Heritage in 1994 as one of the Anceint and historic Monuments in Kyoto.
There is lots of reason why you should visit Japan. Travelling in Japan is a chance to visit a country which most known for its tradition and culture. Japan is rich in history which counted more than thousands of years now.  We highly recommend to go and travel in Japan during September to November and witness their famous and most popular cherry blossoms bloom. It is the natural event and magical sight every year in Japan.

Travelling in Japan requires patience and effort as you may need to walk like 10 kilometers a day. Japanese are the nicest person you will ever meet they will welcome you with wide open arms when you visit their place and they will be more than happy to share the history of their place. They can even extend their arms for to take a tour on their best tourist spots.


10 Recommended lodges in South Africa

Planning to go in South Africa but no idea where? Nothing worry about we have 10 recommended lodges for you.

1. Nothando Backpacker lodge – is located in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Known as the finest lodge in the Country and highly recommended by their former clients. Just shut down your real world and enjoy your stay in the country’s finest lodge. Just a walking distance in the central beach.
2. Backpackers in Green Point – a stylish accommodation in Cape town. Perfect for those who want to escape with their worries and enjoy their refreshing swimming pool. Book now and reserve a room they also offer other services.
3. Dijembe Backpackers Hostel–enjoy the natural beauty attraction which also offers activities like Bungee Jump which the highest in the whole world. They also have Zip line, Mountain biking etc. As it is located between Outeniqua Montains and India Sea.
4. Augrabiesfalls Backpackers – You want something adventurous in your trip in South Africa and need a place to stay? Check Augrabies Fall backpackers. They offer river rafting and unforgettable experience riding on a hot air balloon on the Kalahari desert.
5. Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers–Visit the world’s famous township. A place rich in history and safe to travel. Enjoy their day tour and at night if your still up watch and join them on their camp fire and learn the African beats. Know how Soweto life and their history.
6 Amphitheatre Backpackers lodge – Enjoy the day trip and stay in their lodge can accommodate camping or they also have an available room to stay while you are enjoying and exploring the natural environment around the place. Lodge also additional services to offer like your day trip mountain hiking or horse riding and many more.
7. Backpacker Paradise and Joyrides – A very affordable lodge located in Outdtshoorn. Experience their home like lodge and they can also organise yourdaily activities. This is an ostrich country so they will let you experience to cook you own ostrich egg breakfast. Welcome to their paradise enjoy and feel the refreshing place.
8. Funky town – is Located in Jeffreys Bay. Enjoy the stylish pop art and luxurious stay in Funky town which is a stone house lodge.
9. Hermanus Backpackers-  enjoy your luxurious stay in Hermanus. While enjoying your stay in their lodge also try their diving with the friendly sharks and whale. They also offer budget or affordable room for you to stay and get to experience their refreshing place.
10. Island Vibe Jeffrey’s Bay – A comfortable and friendly place to stay. Enjoy as you breath the fresh air in Knysna as the lodge is located in front of the beach.
Enjoy your stay in South Africa. Always remember you are paying for your experience that you can keep for the rest of your life not just a onetime experience. It is always better to take an off once in a while and enjoy their accommodation when you get to choose where to stay so you can check how lovely their place is.


Your Top Dubai Adventure

Planning your adventure in Dubai? No idea for the activity yet? Nothing to worry about we have some of the top list for you. There are lot of things to do in Dubai as they are developing they’re country for business and for tourism. Dubai is one of the fastest growing countries and one of the best places for business. Having that said Dubai also developing their tourist attraction and activities to attract more tourist.

What are the adventures in Dubai?

Dubai Seaplane Flight- experience the take-off and landing on the sea with 25 – 40 minutes seaplane flight. You will enjoy the view of the world class architecture like the Burjkhalifa and Palm Jumeirah.
Dubai 4x4 Sand boarding Safari – Try the 4.5 hours sand boarding with the 4x4 tour inside the safari. And learn how to play their popular sports in the desert the sand boarding. Enjoy and experience the sand boardingunder the sun. They also offer pick up from your hotel.
Ski Dubai – Can you imagine yourself skiing in Dubai which is a desert?if you can’t. Well yes, it is possible now in Dubai this is the first ski resort in middle east which is located in Mall of the Emirates. Experience skiing in the desert.
Sky dive Dubai – Want something extreme? Try sky Dive in Dubai. First time to do this? Nothing to worry they haveinstructors. Experience one of the extreme activities in Dubai. You will fly like a bird and feel the breath taking free fall with your instructor if this is your first time. You will get to jump you instructor with the harnessed.
Aquaventure Water Park – One of the best and largest water park in Middle East and in Europe. Enjoy the whole day water rides and activities. All the water activities you wish for are here in just one park. The park was highly recommended with their clients.
Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai – enjoy the 30 water activities with the theme of tale of Juha. The park is design for the whole family and the kids will surely enjoy the water themed park.
Reef- and wreck-diving – experience diving in Dubai. They offer wrecks and lot of dive trips. Dive the friendly whales and sharks. See and get to experience it with yourself.

Dubai is also known for its world class architectures and they are only seven star hotel in the world the Burj Al arabJumeirah. Experience the most luxurious stay in the hotel. Enter in the world’s tallest building BurjKhalifa. Dubai is a fast growing country that offers world class experiences. Dubai is also known not only on their architecture but also on what you can do when go travel in Dubai. Travelling in Dubai is quite expensive as it offers world class experiences. But remember travel experiences are priceless.

Dubai’s tourism is growing as well as its economy. So be prepared when travelling in Dubai get the list that we have for you and experience and enjoy Dubai!


Experience Colombia

Colombia is rich and diverse in species. Actually, United Nations has identified Colombia as the seventh country who is a major food exporter. Colombia is the world’s most bio-diverse.

People in Colombia

Almost 95% of Colombians are Catholic. And more than half of it attends mass regularly. Colombians treat tourist as a royalty as they love to see different people from different place in the world. You will surely receive a warm welcome when you visit their place. They will welcome you with smile and would love you tour you in to their places different places. Be polite so you will receive the treatment. Colombians are willing to help you if you need anything. Colombians knows how to dance. Experience and learn salsa they would love to teach how to dance salsa.

Why Colombia?

Aside from the Colombians welcome you with wide open arms. There is also a lot of reason why you should visit Colombia. Colombian food is one of the best just make sure get to try their local cuisine to experience their delicacies. Also, try their coffee as they are known as the world’s best coffee. Don’t forget to visit their Amusement park based on coffee. Don’t also miss the chance to experience the life of being a coffee farmer and pick your own coffee bean you will surely enjoy it. Not only in the food. Colombia is rich in agriculture they have more than 2000 unnamed plants.

What to do on Colombia?

Colombia is the place of unexpected natural beauty. Enjoy the crystal-clear water in Colombia as it is located along Pacific Ocean and Caribbean. You will surely get satisfied in the island of San Andreas as it was UNESCO biosphere reserve in 2000. Visit the paradise in Santa Marta it is a city in Colombia. Visit their beaches and the beautiful mountains. And you can also try to experience Island Del Rosario also known as Coralesislas del Rosario this is perfect in snorkeling and scuba diving you will see thousands of coral reefs. It is one of the Colombia’s reserved and was declared a National park.You want to experience their culture? Attend their Carnaval de Barranquilla as this is one of the best festivals in the world. Experience trekking in El Cocuy. Experience the success story of Medellin biggest city in Colombia. It is successful because they were able to improve the place. Because of the hard-working residents there. Don’t forget to explore the museums in Bagota the capital of Colombia. Also, visit the Salt Cathedral where you can find the expensive collection of ar. You can also try their spa treatment in a volcano. Yes in Volcan de lodo el totumo.

You will never believe how beautiful Colombia is when you get to experience the place. Colombia is unexpected beautiful place you will ever see. What you see on the pictures is more twice beautiful in person.


Travel and its Advantages

Each of us needs a break from work or from home once in a while. To travel is to take a rest from the whole world and create your own world just for few days to think. We all need a peace of mind and we can get that from travelling to different place.  Travelling in different places is one of our goals in life. To travel is our best stress reliever. No wonder why many of us travel a lot. Travelling is not a luxury it is just a consolation prices of your hard work. Going out on a vacation is healthy most especially when you are already working.

What are the advantages of travelling?

There are a lot of advantages in travelling. You get to experience the place and their culture. We have different culture in each place we go. You will witness how they live their life differently on how you live yours. You will never believe it until you see it yourself. You will be open minded when you experience different culture. You’ll get to see things you never thought it is possible. You will be able to know the history of the place. Language on the place. You can learn from your travel experience more than what you can imagine or more than the books you read even more than what you’ve seen in the Television. Travelling is a break for us it is an opportunity to turn off our regular life and forget your problems. You will be energized and you will get the relaxation you needed. Disconnecting from your real world once in a while is helpful. An opportunity to forget our problems and things that we worry about.

Travelling a lot will boost your confidence to interact with people. And you’ll always find a new purpose in life. Remember travelling can enlighten your mind. Travelling maybe a bit of expensive and you need to exert an effort to get a best deal but in return of that you get the vacation and the relaxation you needed. Experience is what you are paying when you travel not the fare or the hotel etc. You’ll see yourself after your vacation as inspired and motivated employee you are refreshed. Then you see what you can do better in life. You will have positive outlook. We consider travelling as one of our routine. We some time more than twice a year depending of the break we need each year. Meaning depending of the stress we encounter each year. Travelling can help you solve your problems. If need to think or a break you can’t do it at home. The break we need we can’t get it at home. We should be away from our worries once in a while. It is exciting when you think you will go in another different place.

Travelling is fun and an adventure in our life. So never think twice when travelling. Remember this quote “To travel is to take a journey into yourself” – Danny Kaye.


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