Couples Traveling: The Ups and Downs of Traveling Together

There are a lot of couples traveling together, getting to see the world together. Some says it is a relationship goal. Photos taken together in different places with beautiful scenery and backgrounds. You tend to imagine they are really traveling happily together, but in reality we really never know the struggles they’ve been through those happy videos or pictures.
Let us discover the ups and down of couples traveling together and making a journey that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Good things of traveling together
Having a companion while traveling is a good thing, you will feel safe and secured because you have someone to have your back any trouble you will encounter in the trip, especially when you get sick or someone tries to scam you or criminals lurking around the place. Having a companion is also fun because you have someone to talk to in your travel, you don’t get lost by yourself, and you have someone to share the memories with. Sharing the experience with someone is so good than doing it alone though; having someone with you will add more fun in the experience. Your travel will never get dull or lonely since you have someone with you.

Sharing the cost you spent together is a good thing. There are fun activities that can save you money if you have someone with than being alone. You tend to taste more than one food because there are two of you; you order different food and experience the good food in the place you visited. Sharing the cost in the place you are staying, the cab fare and all the things you can do together. This will really benefit the both of you.

Trying new adventure and having someone to root for you and give encouragements for you to do it, which would really be helpful like crossing a hanging bridge, do a bungee jumping, diving off a cliff and other things. Through these activities your bond might get stronger and closer to each other. It is like a team building for the two of you, how you will support your partner in all the things he or she is afraid to do.

Downside of traveling together
Well, it is sad to tell you that there are also bad things when traveling together.

It is when you don’t go well with your partner. You tend to always argue in all the things you do. For example the directions you want to take or go, the restaurants where you want to eat (you like sushi and your partner wants steak – that is really hard though unless you do take outs and eat it somewhere), things that you get annoyed when your partner is doing it and the decisions are always not in unison. It would be very hard if that will happen because you will never enjoy your travel together.

Don’t worry you just have to make things work and always talk about it and just to remind you that you have to enjoy, lower you ego and pride to avoid arguments. Take turn on making decisions.

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