Reasons to visit Maldives

Maldives is now one of the top picks for beautiful beaches. The view is really different from other places. It is not your typical view of the beach, it is more than that, and it is like a paradise.

Here are some reasons why you need to visit Maldives.

Maldives is Visa Free
Yes you read it right! Maldives doesn’t need any visa, all you need to have is a passport and you are good to go. There is no hassle of preparing too much or spending too much money for a visa. Instead you can save the money for your stay in Maldives.

The Endless Sea of blue
It has a panoramic view of turquoise blue sea water right outside the room you are staying in. It is like a picture perfect view. A good place to find relaxation, be calm and be at peace with yourself, with no distraction. If you really like intimate place, this place is right for you.  When you go swimming it is like getting lost in the sea with no directions because of the endless sea of blue you will be seeing. Sometimes when you are in the water you might think it is a pool, because of its very crystal clear water.

Take a pick of a new sport
When going to Maldives resort they have these complimentary water activities like canoeing, stand up paddling, snorkeling and sailing. Since the sea water in Maldives is very still, they only waves are made by passing ferries and sea planes, so it is really perfect to do the said water activities in this place.

The wonderful Marine Life
When you go snorkeling you will not believe of what you will see, it is like a pool full of coral reefs because of its endless row. So when there is coral reefs there is also fishes housing in the corals. A lot of species of fishes swimming in the sea of Maldives. You will really never see so many fishes and coral reefs in your life, it is only in Maldives! You better not forget you underwater camera because it is the only souvenir you can bring home- taking pictures of the wonderful marine life.

Tiny reef sharks
Yes there are sharks in Maldives, but do not panic they are harmless. There is a resort that has a scheduled a feeding time for them. But people are not allowed to go near the shore when they are there because they are afraid of people and may get stressed when touched. Feeding process is the feeders will leave the food in the shore and reef sharks will reach for it.

Surreal photos
Maldives has a very authentic and unique view and getting there you will think that everything is surreal and you will just be amaze of its beauty. You get to admire every view you see.  Aside from the souvenirs in the souvenir shop, another souvenir you can bring with you are the beautiful photos you took from Maldives, so you have to treasure very moment you are in there and don’t forget to pose.

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