Holiday Travel Activities and Destinations Abroad for Teenagers

Teenagers nowadays are more exposed to physically and mentally straining day to day happenings and tend to act more maturely unlike before.  So spending the holidays is indeed a big thing for them. Nevertheless, doing the usual holiday activities like going to the malls, watching movies in the theater, partying, and worse, staying home and letting the day passed as if it did not happen is a big NO. Additionally, roaming around the same city or country is a little too ordinary. So, teenagers out there, here are some of the “to-go” destinations to spice up that holiday vacation treat abroad.

Shop and be Entertained Abroad.
This may not be new to everyone especially to adults but for teenagers, going abroad is like seeing the world in a new perspective. If you are looking for a place to jazz up your shopping experience, you can go to the world-renowned shopping center in the world – Hongkong. You can find a lot of expensive brand names like Louis Vuitton and Dior at Landmark Central or go to Harbour City at Tsim Sha Tsui where you can find the best retail for goods.  If you also want to unleash the child in you, you can also visit Hongkong Disneyland which caters both to kids and adults alike.

Have a Nature Trip.
Tired of the usual stroll in the park? Well, Botswana in Southern Africa is an adventurous place to reconnect you to nature and to the wild. You can find numerous animals like elephants, lions and even endangered species in the wilderness. Another is India which features the landscapes of Madhya Pradesh in which you can seek out the well-known Bengal Tiger plus an overnight camping at Satpura National Park.

Visit a Museum.
Amidst the trend of globalization and technologies, you should not miss your artsy side. Being in between a child and adult, you should not oversight the history of cultures, any cultures actually. So, try to visit some museums particularly the Acropolis Museums in Athens, Greece. There you could see details of Athenian history as well as Parthenon dedicated to their goddess Athena. Or if you want to experience pure love around, you can go to the nest of love, also called City of Love, Paris, which caters the famous Le Louvre Museum. Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” is something in there that you couldn’t miss.

Stay in a Hotel.
If you want to go abroad but nonetheless stay in one place which caters all you need, you could book at Shangri-La's Villingili Resort and Spa in Maldives. The five star hotel features sports lounges or place for tennis and badminton as well as boat tours and sea activities like snorkeling and fishing. Plus, you get to relax your mind with its highly-approved room services and amenities like restaurants, bars, spa, gym and the beautiful view of nature around.

Overall, these are just some of the places you can go to have a good holiday take off.  There are a lot less expensive destinations to choose from. The important thing is to enjoy your free days and let those pressures and stresses to be diverted to something soul-gratifying. What matters most is the new experience you can get that can freshen you up from the customary reality you live in. Travel while you are still young and able. Explore and don’t miss the fun side of life.

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