Reasons to visit Santorini Greece

Santorini is one of the popular islands of Greece and may it seem to be true that also popular island to the world. Santorini maybe a small island but has all the nice spots that you want to see; the beautiful beaches, eye catching scenery, historical sites, surprising restaurants and maybe great wines as well. Santorini has it all for you. 

The Unique structures
As you can see all over the internet, pictures of the great Santorini, it has the white walls- you’re, not ordinary hotel buildings. You get to see the aerial view of it; it is like a mountain full of white domes but has mostly colored blue tops. It is truly captivating and makes you want to go.

Budget friendly
As what has been mentioned above that even though the beautiful structures they have, they have places like hostels that are really cheap to stay for a while, while vacationing in Santorini.

The food is as well budget friendly, if you can live off their street food. The traditional food they have is gyros – a dish made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie serve wrapped in a pita or a sandwich, with fries, tomatoes, onions and their sauce tzatziki sauce- and souvlaki – small pieces of meat and vegetables that are grilled in a skewer usually served with pita wrap with garnishes and sauces or simply in a dinner plate. They usually use pork meat, although there are other meat like chicken and lamb for those who do not eat pork meat. 

The Beautiful Sunset
Santorini is truly famous for its beautiful sunsets. Everywhere you go there is always a beach view in Santorini so the sunset can be seen beautifully there. You may be a romantic type of person or not, surely you will love the sunset view and will fall in love with it and you can say that ‘mother earth is truly amazing.

Beaches in Santorini, Greece are not your typical beach, because of their special graphical features. They have this volcanic small stones that are in red and black colors lays down the shore of the beaches in Santorini and also a picture perfect ambiance is provided in the place that are not typically seen anywhere. Red beach is really famous in Santorini.

Shopping spree
Their shops are filled with colorful stuffs from their dresses, bikinis, bags, body accessories, hats, wallets, souvenir items and many more displays. You won’t get your eyes off the shop because everything is so attractive and it makes you really want to buy and buy and buy more. 

Locals in Santorini
The people of Santorini are very friendly as they welcome you to their place. They always have this smile on their faces every time you meet them. It feels warm every time they welcome you. The very nice assurance is that the locals speak English well so it is not hard to go around the place.

Feeling the thrill already? Plan your visit to Santorini now!

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