Awesome Places To Go To For Your Summer Vacation

In a few months’ time, it will be summer time again. Summer is the best time to go on vacation for most especially those with kids who are in school. Aside from the kids not being in school during summer, the weather is perfect too to do things outdoors. But where should you head to for your next summer vacation?

If you are in for a vacation that gets you up close and personal with the majestic whales, then your perfect summer getaway is Newfoundland in Canada. June up until late August is the best time to go whale-watching. But aside from this wonderful wildlife experience, you can also enjoy the picturesque landscape that it has to offer. There are boat tours, seaside trails and kayaks that you can use or do to enjoy both the view and the whales. If you feel like doing a little bird watching, you can also do that in Newfoundland. There is also an abundance of music festivals around this time of the year.

But if you're up for a historic summer vacation, head out to the Silk Road of China which is he oldest trade route of Chine. It has just been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Silk Road is a good place to go sightseeing and to enjoy the local festivals. What else is there to do in Silk Road? Visit the Terracotta Warriors. There are more than seven thousand statues that are life-sized and they are guarding Qin Shihuang's tomb. You should also visit the Mogao Grottoes which consists of around 700 caves that is filled with art religious texts and Buddhas. 

Norway is another popular destination for tourists. The long days allow tourists to spend more time enjoying the majestic view of the mountains and fjords. But when the sun sets, the place that tourists should go to is Oslo. If you are interested in Norweigan art, check out Nasjonalgalleriet. It has the country's biggest collection of the said art. You can also enjoy your meals at the many trendy restaurants of the country.

Another place with long days that tourists like you should go to is Iceland where you can have more time horseback riding, swimming, kayaking and other outdoor activities that the place has to offer. You Iceland trip won't be complete if you do not visit the Blue Lagoon. You can take a dip in the geothermal water. If you’re in for a little educational tour, they offer tours that give you more insight on the place's history.

Now summer won't be summer if you miss out on a trip to the beach, right? So why not go to Barbados where you will be surrounded by heavenly beaches that you'll find it hard to stay away from the beach for long. Aside from that, there are wonderful golf courses too and the local cuisine is just awesome. You can choose from the street barbecue that lines the streets to restaurants that are nothing but world class. But be warned though that price of hotels is a little higher during the summer peak season.

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