Travel tips to Singapore

Are you planning on travelling? Well Singapore is a must place to visit. It is the safest, cleanest and secured country in the world. They have this no smoking anywhere policy and just smoke in a smoking area. They also say that Singapore is the finest city, it actually has two meanings on it; finest city because it is of a high quality city and the other meaning is because fine means penalty and the authority really fines a person even if the small wrong doings. So everyone really follows and obey rules and regulations.

Travelling to Singapore is really never a head ache since security is no problem everyone is really honest and good people. You will never have a hard time travelling there since it is just a small country the train station is just connected to every train station in the place; you’ll never get lost – because the map of the place is everywhere in the train station.

Singapore Changi Airport
One of the busiest airport and best connected in the world, it handles over 100 airlines flying to some 300 other cities. Changi is an award-winning airport; it is mustered with activities and amenities, which is why it is a world-class attraction in its own right.

Weather in Singapore
The climate in Singapore is classified as tropical rainforest, with no distinct seasons. The humidity is high and abundant rainfall. So it practically means when going to Singapore umbrella is really a must when going out. T-shirts and shorts will do in going on a trip there since it is humid.

Transportation in Singapore is not a problem since there are buses and trains – trains really arrive on time and it’s very efficient and fast. But before riding on any transportation you must have the Tap-up Card, it’s like a debit card you need to add load and just tap it up on the sensor to take a ride and tap it up again when you go down from the ride, basically that’s how they pay for their fare.
A reminder when riding their transportation, you cannot eat or drink while inside the bus or train. It’s a rule they have and if you violate, a very big penalty will be fined to you.

Where to go in Singapore

Sentosa Island is the most popular island in Singapore; this is where the Universal studio Singapore is located. The big amusement park has everything fun. The rides that make you go crazy and the Disney characters that you feel in love with and adventures that amazes you. They also have a beach in this island which they called Siloso beach; after having fun in the amusement park you can have a quick dip and enjoy the scenery. It’s an adventure of a life time you will never forget.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore
They have a mall that has everything. They have this little Venetia and the paddle boat that you ride on. They also have a water show that makes can mesmerize the viewers. It can really relive the stress and helps forget problems, because it is that beautiful. They also have this boat-like hotel that is quite an attraction. You must visit Singapore to see all these wonderful places.

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