Travelogues – Tips To Writing Your Personal Travelogues


Creating a travelogue is almost ancient history these days already since most travelers share their personal experience online through the use of free blogging websites but this does not mean there are no longer any people writing their journey on a piece of blank paper. Whenever a person pursues an art that is thought of dying by many, it is still considered to be existing. Creating your own travelogue is easy these days as it is simply a record of your journey through various places from your own experience. These days’ travelogues can be coupled with pictures that best describes your story or can be included in brochures for references to be given to travelers who are interested to know your viewpoint.

  • When writing travelogues you do not have to please the reader in order to get them to like the place that you have been to. A travelogue focuses on what the story teller has seen with their experience about the place. Not all the travelogue pieces need be assumed that every reader is going to follow when they visit the place. Write your travelogue in a format of a story such as putting up a good situation or introduction to your story, adding up a complicated situation then followed by climax and resolution.
  • Add suspense and dialogue to the description so of your travels when writing your travelogue. You can include lessons to learn about life or putting up a historic or eventful theme that will become the framework of the travelogue that you are making. If you put up daily event of what you have been doing such as where you have been, what you have seen, what you have eaten during the day will make your travelogue boring to read.
  • When writing your travelogue be as specific as you can get such as giving the readers what the exact transportation costs are, the recommended travel route, mode of transportation and combine them in ways that makes the reader excited about reading your experiences. Find more information about the local accommodations, recommended entertainment forms to join, theme parks and many more.
  • It is also important for your readers to know which season is best to visit or what events they should expect on specific seasons.


Most of all do not depend on other people's experiences to write travelogues. It is based entirely on how you have seen the place through your own eyes.

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