Travel Agencies – Tips in Picking The Right Travel Agencies


In today's society where everything is reachable in the internet, the need for travel agencies is growing thin and their number is decreasing each year. Many have been quite pessimistic about their existence and have decided to plan their trips through purchasing tickets online and just get one recommendations from here and there since the internet provides all the information you need. Travelers around the world are posting their experiences in the internet. There are also comparison sites that let each traveler rate the place based on how they feel with it and the higher the rate, the higher the possibility that place is going to be visited again. This is why the need for travel agencies, in other people’s opinion is already obsolete and prefers to have their itinerary planned on their own.

Luckily this is not the end of the line for all travel agencies. Though it is true that they are the traditional type that sticks to what was been taught before, they have something in them that is different from engaging in online comparison sites. And you should not just pick a random travel agent as you may end up in someone who just proclaimed themselves a travel agent when they had barely any experience with serving the needs of a traveler. You should look for professional, certified travel agent, a position in society barely taken by the multitude. Here are some tips in looking for good travel agencies.

  • Take advantage of travel agencies bearing the ASTA sign. Being a member of this group tells a lot because it is considered as the largest association for travel professionals of the world in which they have followed in strict accordance to their code that keeps out the wannabe travel agents out. If they are also certified by The Travel Institute, it is another bonus. Another mark that you should look for is the ARTA.
  • If it is possible, look for the local agents. Being able to talk with the travel agent personally one-on-one is a feat that is irreplaceable. The ability in meeting this travel agent, shaking her or his hand, looking in the eye is something you cannot experience with online agencies. Hearing the voice of an agent gives assurance that you will have a good trip.
  • Interview the travel agent and do not just pick the first one you meet.


Travel agencies are still needed today even if there are shortcuts provided by the internet.

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  • Keep the posts coming it was helpful

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