DPRK travel tips despite the difficult labels

When hearing the name of North Korea, one can think of nukes, missile launching and the socialist government of Kim Jong Il heard in the media. However, this common misconception of the Democratic People’s of Republic in Korea (DPRK) is far from visitors who already stepped inside DPRK. North Korea is one of the untouched places in the world and considered one of the most unique and exotic Asian Countries. Some helpful tips from various tourists who are already there are compiled for guidance.

Explore Pyongyang
North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang’s city squares and wide central parks are a place to walk first hand upon one’s visit in DPRK. Their central park is a monument wherein one can witness the Socialist Government of DPRK. Full of their prime minister’s bronze monument, Pyongyang is considered to be the center of the government in DPRK.

Respect their rules
However, walking in Pyongyang with the travelers’ guides has its own rules such as limited places for taking photographs. One example of their exemption is to not take photos of their military unlike in England where one can take a snapshot with their royal palace entrance guards. Photo shooting of poverty, check points, and close ups of North Korean people without permission can cause problems. Make sure to follow the guides on duty. In addition, do not bring lens over 150 mm into DPRK.
One can only take photographs when the travelers’ guides will allow because North Korea is one closed and much secured country. Ensuring discipline not only in their people, but also to tourists, it is important to follow and listen to the North Korean guides for peace and less hassle upon the tour.

Leave the Hotel together with the Travel guides’ permission
For security purposes, one must have the guides’ permission and approval to leave the hotel. Even when taking a casual stroll in the park, a guide must be with the tourist to ensure maximum protection and security. In all these instances, the guide has the heaviest responsibility of making tourists’ feel better and have an amazing experience in visiting DPRK. The travel guide is well-trained and is well aware of DPRK’s tourist system.

The Currency
One important thing is there is no limit foreign currency and USD, Chinese RMB and Euros are accredited in North Korea. Make sure that it is enough for the tourist’s or tourists’ group travel itinerary and budget to avoid being broke in North Korea.

Make friends
When DPRK holds a national event, tourists must respect that event and attend it. Moreover, the tourists must also respect their vision of the Great Leader. Being a tourist, who wanted to explore DPRK, this can be a solid immersion of DPRK’s culture and upbringing. Moreover, getting to know North Koreans and make friends with them are part of the traveler’s experience in visiting the country. Being able to say a simple greeting like Hello or An-nyong and thank you, or kam-sa ham-nida to the Korean guide or even Koreans can be a lovely gesture coming from a Western visitor.

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