Avoiding Scams While Traveling

Every traveler needs the time to relax and enjoy the beaches when traveling or spending the rest of their vacation in peace. The goal of every traveler is to have fun during their trip but what makes your trip bad is when you are caught off guard by scam artists. The more prone you are to it if you do not know how to spot the scam artists so you better watch out.

Tourists are the most delicious targets for scammers because most of them do not have the slightest idea on the land they are treading onto. So below are some tips on how to avoid being scammed by con artists!

  • Credit card - You have just arrived from your trip and you can finally relax in your bed when suddenly your room phone suddenly rings. The receptionist is on the other line saying that there has been a mix up with your credit card information. They will call to verify if the credit card number they have is the correct one and will only say the last 4 digit number (since this is the only part they will only see and they are always going to give the incorrect one). Once you say that it is not correct, they will ask you to provide your credit card number and then will just tell you that they have found the correct one. If you have provided your number then you have been scammed. To avoid this kind of scam, never ever give your credit card number no matter how much they are going to press you for it. So go downstairs instead at the registration desk of the hotel and ask them personally about the problems they are facing.
  • The helping hand - when you are in the middle of walking of a crowded tourist attraction, someone suddenly bumps into you and spills their drinks or food over your clothes, making it dirty. They apologize and will offer their hand in helping you clean up your clothes, including your wallet. So in order to avoid this, always stay alert! These people will try any means to rob you of your money. Divide your money in different parts of your body. The best place to hide them is where it is never allowed for them to touch so.

Although some of the best places to visit are filled with scammers, you can try to avoid these places and instead visit the safest places on earth to visit.

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