When in Moscow

Moscow is considered as one of the largest and most populous cities in the whole world. With this statistics, it is also known to many as one of the most expensive cities worldwide. This city is the center of Russia and is considered to embody both the country’s rich past and its contemporary developments.

As someone who is planning to take a glimpse of this romantic and mysterious place, there are a few things that you would want to know, such as where you could stay, where to dine and what will keep you busy during the trip. The good thing is that Moscow could deliver and even exceed of your expectations. While it is true that this city might be a bit pricey compared to other cities in other areas of the globe, it is also quite affordable compared to cities in Western Europe.

But once you get to experience what this city has to offer, you will realize that every penny you spend will be well compensated with that the accommodation, food, and destination have in store for you.

1. Accommodation

Famous for being an expensive city, it is good to know that there are mini hotels springing already that offer more affordable accommodation.

  • Anti Hostel

Located a walking distance away from the center of the city, this hostel is a good choice to spend your nights in. It offers free wifi and shared TV in the lounge for guests starting at $14.

  • Godzillas Hostel

This hostel is considered to be the most well-known hostel in Moscow. It is also a walking distance to and from a lot of tourist destinations within the heart of the city. The place is simplistic in nature but spacious, offering you more than it costs at at least $11.

  • iVan Hostel

This hostel can be considered simple but nonetheless it is affordable compared to many other accommodations. It will cost about $15 per night. With this amount, there is already free Wifi, very nice dorms, and a fully equipped communal kitchen.

2. Food

  • O2 Lounge

This high end restaurant is located at the top floor of Ritz-Carlton. It gives diners exquisite view from the top since it has a glass dome.

  • Bosco Café

This café is well known to offer the best summer spot because of the presence and location of their terrace. Aside from that, it serves excellent cappuccino to pair with the exceedingly excellent view from the café.

  • Nobu Moscow

What makes this restaurant stand out from the rest is the cuisine they offer. The owners took a bold step in introducing Japanese dishes to the market at a challenging time. Their courage paid off because of the restaurant’s success today as locals patronize their food as well as visitors.

3. Activities

There are a lot of things to do in Moscow besides visiting their very famous museums and galleries. One can also enjoy entertainment in zoos and clubs.
However, given other alternatives does not it is okay to miss the places that made Moscow famous as it is today. Moscow, is a home for a lot of Museums and art galleries such as the State Historical Museum, Zoological Museum, The Moscow Kremlin, Multimedia Art Museum, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Guellman Gallery, and Leonid Shishkin Gallery to name some.

The nights in Moscow come alive with music and lights in bars, night clubs and restaurants. Two of the well renowned establishments for night life are Luch and The Most, with the former having a more modest tone than its other counterparts.

When you decide to visit Moscow, you would hardly run out of things to do or places to explore. Just do not forget to always bring extra cash or credit so that you may enjoy a few splurges and discover the city more during your vacation.

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