Tips For Solo Women Travelers

Women are traveling around the world more than ever before and even alone either for business or on a pleasure trip. However, this is also resulting into criminal incidences with women while on travel. It has become necessary to take safety precautions for a successful travel. Use the following travel safety tips to be as safe and secure as you feel in your town.

  • Do not keep all of the money in the wallet when you travel. Instead, divide it into smaller portions, and keep them in assorted places. In case thieves come and get something, they will not get everything.
  • Carry a card with the name and address of your hotel so you can show it to a taxi driver if you get lost.
  • Blending yourself with public is the best safety measure during travel. Try to purchase a local dress and wear it sometimes to give an impression of being native or being familiar with the place. Always wear one or two local accessories such as hat, chains, and scarves.
  • Don’t wear fancy jewelry or bring expensive gadgets with you, just leave them inside your hotel room. It might even be better if you don't bring them for your trip at all. These things can make you more attractive to thieves and other negative elements.
  • Avoid going into dark alleys because that's where opportunists usually lurk. Streets that have a steady stream of traffic are usually well-lighted and there are a lot of people as well.
  • While sight-seeing, it helps to remember the street names or landmarks that would tell where the person is exactly at that moment. It is also a must to be aware of one's surroundings, and signs that someone might be tailing behind for some reason. Always be aware and observant.
  • Don't hitchhike in a strange country. It's best to hire a taxi recommended by the airport or your hotel. Never take a taxi that has another man accompanying the taxi driver.

Most important of all, do a lot of advance preparation and collect as much information as possible about what to expect. Being well prepared will minimize your risks and keep you safe when traveling. Look and act confident, have a plan in mind to deal with emergencies and trust your judgment and common sense in unfamiliar situations. Following these tips could help women from any kinds of bad element.

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