Reasons Why You Should Visit Seattle

There are so many reasons why you should vacation in Seattle, it is not like what rumors says that it is always rainy and it is an isolated place, Seattle is known for its legacy of the grunge music and it is true that it is mysterious. The local people clarifies that the city having a little rain in some parts for more than nine months every year, but it can’t stop the tourist to still visit Seattle any time of the year. Here are the reasons why the tourists keep on visiting Seattle and why you should.

Feel the real neighborhood – there is more of a diverse neighborhood in Seattle; you can explore in the morning the vibrant Capitol Hill with a caveat and barely scratch the surface of the city. You can also go to the Beacon Hill and stop into 45-acre Park and taste their featured beer made by the local. It is one of the reasons why people are visiting here. You can view the city in an excellent way when you hangout on the West Seattle, and bike along in the Aki Beach.

Museums and art outdoor and indoor – there are lots of historical and arts museum that you can visit here in Seattle such as Museum of History and Industry, Nordic Heritage Museum, and Seattle Art Museum. These museums are full of historical arts where you can learn more about the story of Seattle; you can also see an art from the Pacific Island and Japan. For outdoor arts, you can sit on the park bench while seeing the Olympic Sculptures on the Waterfront.

Feel the heaven on the earth in Seattle – heading to the south of the city, you can stop by the Mt. Rainer National Park, because if you will miss to drop by on this place, you will commit a sin to yourself. But, if you will be tired to go on, it is okay to get back. You will just miss the incredible view of the Vistas of Meadows and the glaciers. Just try to go on a trail of these National parks and you will feel the heaven on earth.

These are just a few reasons why you should visit the Seattle, so plan your trip now and go for a travel vacation here in Seattle with your family and friends any time of the year.

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