Places you need to see when visiting Cambodia and Thailand

Ever wonder what it feels like to visit the two of the most beautiful counties in Asia? Well let’s talk about Cambodia and Thailand. These two countries offer a lot of rich and beautiful cultural heritage for you to explore.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
This city was also known as the “Paris of the East” before the modernization. There are a lot of tourist spots to go and enjoy in this city. One of these is the famous Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda. The Royal palace is used for court ceremonies and it’s also the house of the king. With more than five thousand tiles covering the interior of the temple, the Silver Pagoda is also known as The Emerald Buddha Temple. You can enjoy these beautiful structures for an entrance fee of $6.50. 

You can also visit Phnom Penh’s National Museum beside the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda. With an entrance fee of only of $3, you can learn the rich culture and heritage of Cambodia.

Next is the Central Market. You may have heard of this place before because it’s also one of the famous landmarks in Phnom Penh. This place is also called Phsar Thmei and was once known as the largest market in Asia. There are hundreds of small shops inside selling different kinds of souvenirs while the food and wet market are located on the outer stalls.

In the evening, you can also admire the beauty of the riverside park known as the “Sisowath Quay”. Located along the intersection of the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers, this area is buzzing with locals and foreigners at night. You may also enjoy the street foods in this area. These are just some of the attractive tourist in to Phnom Penh and there are still a lot of beautiful places to go. If you’re planning to visit here, Phnom Penh surely won’t disappoint you.

Bangkok, Thailand
Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) is one of the required places to visit if you’re in Bangkok. This is a beautiful venue and very affordable to get into. You can enter the temple and get a guide for 200 Baht to educate you the beautiful history of the giant golden Buddha. This structure is one perfect example of art and beauty.         

You can also check out the Grand Palace while you’re at it. Admission fee is 500 Baht to roam around. The area inside this place is said to be very large that you can spend one entire day there. This place has a strict dress code. For example, visitors are not allowed to wear short shorts (above the knee) and open toe shoes.

The good news is that they have clothes for you to borrow if you came a long way and didn’t know the rules. You can pay a small deposit fee which will be returned to you after you’ve returned the clothes.

These are just the few places you need to go if you happen to visit these countries. There are still a lot of beautiful spots aside from the ones that I mentioned above but for the time being, try to know more about these cities.

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