Musicals – Various Types of Musicals

Musicals are a theatrical performance from song, dance, acting and spoken dialogues. It includes emotions through the certain performance such as love, anger, humor, pathos and etc. The performer entertains the people through action, words, technical aspect and of course music. They use communication through music and acting. It is really entertaining to watch this kind of activity. It is exposed through singing, film, opera or theater, or dancing.

Here are different types of musicals:

  • Jukebox Musical – the first karaoke musical was like mama mia! It was a very entertaining musical. It includes singing where audience joins with the song.
  • Musical Drama – It is a musical where the performer will entertain the audience by acting. It is usually used in theater or opera. Most classical or traditional music through acting. The performers express the emotions through actions and with music. It will burst into a scene where you also feel the emotions of the performer.
  • Musical Comedy – it includes acting humorously, people get entertained usually by making you laugh. In this kind of musical audience will surely laugh and have fun. They will use performer who are good in making people laugh. Such an entertaining show for those who want to laugh.
  • Sing Through – it is kind of entertainment usually involves in singing. Some mixed in acting but it is a pure singing thing. The best musicals example of singing is the so called Les Miserables. All the words in this kind of musical are sung and it is very entertaining for those who like to sing.
  • Film musical – this includes acting, an example to this music is The Bodyguard. It is fun an exciting to watch this kind of entertainment. The performer acts well and they are showing their real emotions. It will make you feel that you are part of the show.

There are different kinds of performance in musical, this century is has been exposed in modern age. The people who watch musicals also love music. In musicals the performer shows educational entertainment that is useful for students.

It is amazing how people use their talents in performing or entertaining. For education, humor, or whatever the reasons are. It is such a great evolution from various actions and mixed into one show. Musical are entertaining and educationally teaches us in various aspects.

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