Different Accommodation Types

The common type of accommodation that every traveler gets is the hotel since they have the best service they provide to their clients. But travelers do not have to settle for this kind of accommodation as there are several types and this depends on the kind of trip that you are doing. You might be surprised that some of the types of accommodations that you will learn are already done in one of your trips.

  • Hostels - this is the type of accommodation that is perfect for the low-budget cost travelers. It is like a dormitory yet have private rooms available as well. It usually has kitchen facilities included where you can cook your own food but do not expect this to be provided in third world countries as they tend to sacrifice this for a lower cost.
  • Hotels - serviced rooms for guests and are provided in numbers. Although there is no kitchen provided, they usually include breakfast with your accommodation and most of the time it is in a buffet meal. In other countries you may find peculiar hotels that are cheaper than hostels and you may even find it to your liking.
  • Inns - in history they were roadhouses that offer food, stables, drink, water and also lodging at a short time in periodic intervals on main horse or the stagecoach roads. But now they are upgraded to accommodate any type of traveler.
  • Motels - They are like hotels only that mostly composed of only single floor buildings and accommodates mostly guests that enter their rooms directly from the parking lot instead of through a corridor. In some places the use of the word motels usually refers to low cost hotels and in others can be rented only for a few hours to just rest for a while.
  • Car camping - it is also another term used for RV camping wherein a group of travelers bring all their equipment in a large vehicle, like they are bringing their house along with them. They stop at nights and look for large areas where they can park their RV and spend the night there and in the morning, continue on with their journey. Some people use the RV as their permanent home.

If you are an adventurer, you may want to check out other types of accommodation that are uncommon for most travelers. Check them out through a travel agent or the internet and search for them.

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