How Different Types of Weather Affect Us

There are different kinds of weather in the world, there are rainy, stormy, sunny, cloudy, foggy, windy and calm weather. Meteorologists are the ones who predict the weather. They use weather satellites to get data about the coming storms or any forms of environmental changes about the weather. Weather can affect our health most of the time. Based on studies, weather is like a predictor of how you are going to feel.

It affects our health because of the changing patterns, some health symptoms are based on weather, like allergies for example. Allergies are an abnormal response of our body, it reacts usually from a harmless substance. Here are themost common triggers of allergy:

  • Pollen - From trees, weeds, and grasses can trigger seasonal allergies or fever. Symptoms are sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes. You can prevent these from staying inside the house on windy days.
  • Dust Mites - Microscopic organisms in your house that live in dust, they feed on dead skin cells from pollen and people. Prevention of dust mite allergy is by using hypoallergenic covering pillows and mattresses.
  • Cockroaches - Are difficult to get rid of especially in a hot climate, their droppings are prone to allergen. Prevent it by cleaning, pesticides and close holes to stop them from entering you home.

There are a lot more illness we will encounter because of the changes in our weather. There are also conditions for cold weather, here are some effects:

  • Asthma Attacks - cold climate can trigger asthma attack because of the airway, it reacts by breathing fast and the air exchanged does not warm up.

Thunderstorm also triggers the patient to asthma, because of the wind carried by thunderstorms. It bears pollen grains and dust at ground level. It blocks the airway and causes asthma attack to patients.

People must observe weather because it affects our daily lives and health. We can’t stop the weather but we can predict it. So those symptoms of allergies, asthma attack and other sickness that nature will bring, helps us to be cautious with our health and understand that weather also affects our mood and other aspects like when it is stormy you get disappointed because you can‘t go out to do outdoor activities. You will feel annoyed because of the hot weather. Sometimes depressed from rainy days and delighted because of the calm weather. Our environment is connected to us so it is essential that we are aware of our weather.

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