Considering of wandering off to the East by spending a month-long holiday vacation or fulfilling a travel bucket list? Planning to have your next travel destination to any Asian country without worrying the seemingly tedious application of visas? As a US passport holder, you are entitled to enter almost half of the Asian nations either entirely visa-free or given visa-on-arrival for standardized fees. Oh, yeah, you wanted to make your stay longer to get more acquainted with the place and befriend the locals? Here’s an alphabetical list of visa-free countries in the Asian continent that will let you stay to as long as ninety (90) calendar days or three (3) consecutive months. Isn’t that cool? Check this out.

Brunei Darussalam
Located in Southeast Asia, Brunei is a wealthy, Islamic nation having a tropical equatorial climate, consisting of a small population of nearly half a million and speaking mostly of Malay as its official language --- variety of activities and attractions awaits you. It may not be a perfect place for your adrenaline adventure madness but this is an ideal location for contemplation, retreat and serenity – as the nation’s name implies. Bandar Seri Begawan, the nation’s capital and largest city has wide array of mosques, temples and museums as well as recreational parks for your eyes to feast on and indulge in an afternoon thought.

Situated in the crossroads of Eastern Europe and West Asia, Georgia is a mountainous country, prime spot for Western tourists and predominantly Orthodox Christian. Georgia offers thousands of fascinating attractions from waterfalls, mineral springs to vast agricultural lands, themed-resorts, historical monuments, art galleries and cultural museums. As Georgia’s tourism campaign pronounce, with so much to see and things to do, start a new vacation tradition. Right here, right now. 

Famous for its religious landmarks that mark the onset of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Israel remains one of the top tourist and pilgrimage destinations in Asia. Known as the Holy Land, the State of Israel is situated in the Middle East having a temperate climate and Hebrew and Arabic as its official languages. Apart from its religious sites, the Dead and Red Seas as well as the Tel Aviv Beach are a favorite spots to pamper while in the country. Recently, security issues pose a threat in the state but already addressed by officials. Nevertheless, plan your trips conscientiously.

Dubbed as the Land of the Rising Sun, the island country of Japan is among the wealthiest and progressive nations. Complete with all the necessities of standard living, Japan advances largely in industrial scale as well in the tourism sector. With millions of tourists visiting Japan annually, you can be assured of its beauty and bounty of things, attractions and activities to engage and explore from north of Hokkaido to south of Kagoshima.

A Southeast Asian country, Malaysia which houses the well-known Petronas Towers is also a top tourist destination of choice of foreign nationals. Tourists are greeted with the sights of remnants and creations of culture, arts, ethnicity, civilization and history from ancient to contemporary times spread across its federal states and territories. Fall in love with its rich biodiversity, stunning architecture and warm local welcome.

The choice is yours. Start the trip and hop another destination to experience the full Asian adventure.

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