Traveling With No Money

In traveling you don’t need to be rich just to go to the destination you want. You can also explore the world without using money. It’s impossible right? Because all people know that traveling is really expensive but the truth is you really can.  Here are some tips for you on how to travel with no money.

  • Get free flights –There are so many ways to earn free flights, just Sign up for a few Travel credit card, collect miles, and then fly for free.  
  • Go woofing - Working on a farm will get you free room and board, while allowing you to commune with the great outdoors. You have to pay to get to the farm but once you are there, everything else is covered.
  • Get a Job as a Travel Guide Writer - This is not a job for the faint hearted as you will have to approach the task with military precision. To ensure you get as much information as you can, you will need to be very organized beforehand and plan your route before you go. Again, you will need to write quality articles to stand out from the many people applying for a travel writing job. If you are not successful, there are also opportunities as freelance editors or photographers.
  • You can also hitchhike a car for a free ride to your destination.
  • You can also try couching surf- This service connects travelers with locals who are willing to let them stay with them for FREE.  You can use the internet in finding this couch surfing.
  • You can also get a city tourist card if you plan seeing a lot of sight. This tourist card offers discounted and free access to the major attractions, museums, and as free public transportation.
  • You can also do a free walking tour – this is one of the easy ways to take a look to the destination you choose to go. By walking you can explore many things and see many beautiful views.

If you really love traveling and you don’t have big money. It doesn’t matter because using these tips you can travel and go to places that you desire to go. Always believe in the saying that “if there’s a will, there a way”. One key to this is being resourceful and a smart initiative in order to travel free.

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