Tips on How to Travel on A shoestring Budget

People today become more attracted to travelling due to the intensive advertisement of different tourist destinations in the social media. Even back then, each one of us has that urge to travel somewhere else, to explore and experience the beauty and culture of other countries, to get away from stress, and even just to have soul-searching. But the real problem is that travelling is not like a walk in the park. It requires planning, scheduling and most importantly, budgeting. The struggle might get tough when you are in a shoestring budget. Well, no need to back out from that most awaited travel. Here are some tips that could help you enjoy travelling even in a low budget.

Book your tickets early.
As soon as you have planned on where to travel, you should take into consideration on when to travel. Mostly, booking flights early can save you cost. You can book your flight as early as six months from your scheduled trip. Some people do schedule their flights one year earlier which saves at least 60% of the normal ticket price.

Do Your Research.
Yes, you have already decided on where to travel and now imagining things to do once you are already there. However, doing some research can save you a lot of money. You can look for reviews on the best and cheapest places to go, where to eat, or look for a low-cost yet decent place to stay. Furthermore, you can check the mode of transportation in the places that you want to visit as well as how much would it cost you to reach you destination. Before going, be mindful about the things that you need once you are there.

Plan your daily activities.
As part of your research, you will most like to identify the things to do and the best place to visit. List them all down and divide them depending on your travel period. Take into account the distance and cost for each destination so you will not cut short on your financial plan.  Don’t let a day idle. Remember, you are in a budget.  Explore as much as you can.

Pack Light.
To save you from luggage cost and avoid the hassle from carrying your things, bring those you only need.  So if you are going to a mountain adventure, then most probably you could just bring your boots and extra flip flops plus some lightweight clothes. Or if you’ll go to a resort, you can carry some swimming wears and extra clothes to change into. Additionally, be aware your travel period for you to estimate the things you need to bring.

Travel in Groups.
This is one of the most cost-efficient ways of travelling. Being in a group means you can divide your travel expenses. For example, instead of staying in a hotel, you could just rent an apartment which is most comfortable space-wise and are a lot cheaper. Or if you are going to travel along the way to get to a certain place, instead of commuting individually, you could rent a car which is more convenient and saves you time. Be sure to rent with a chauffeur so you need not to stress yourself out about directions. Besides, the fun is heightened when you have companions to joke around and share the same experience with.

Generally, travelling in a shoestring budget is not most likely to matter as you long as you have planned beforehand. Taking into consideration the possibilities or circumstances that you might encounter in your place of travel is a must. Besides, you need not to have a lot of money to travel.  As long as you know your limitations and your goals, then travelling is a budget-friendly thing.  What is important at the end of the day is the experience and satisfaction that you get. As the saying goes, “invest in experiences”. It is much more worthwhile that the material things that you have. Remember, money matters come and go but the time and experience you miss cannot be taken back once it’s gone. Enjoy travelling.

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