Tips For The Mighty Traveler

Every traveler needs one or more tips to learn, even if they are already much experienced with traveling. Even the most experienced ones tend to be forgetful and will only regret it once they have arrived at their destination. While experts always tell their correspondents to be always prepared, it cannot be avoided that travelers tend to forget something, no matter how important or small they maybe. It would be a good thing if you have only forgotten a pack of tissue since you can buy them when you arrive at your destination but when you forget something really important such as the Visas or passports then you cannot leave the airport.

  • Every traveler needs a hat. They help protect your face when you are exposed all day under the sun. When it comes to winter, pack a winter hat with you.
  • It is easy to pack up for your trip after you have done the laundry.
  • First aid travel kit that is designed for you such as pain killers, bandages, creams to protect your skin against insect bites, etc. or a decongestant. If you are allergic to foods but still want to eat them anyway because it is inviting you to eat them, bring your anti-allergy medicine along with you.
  • Bring a water bottle which you can clip onto your bag and fill it with clean drinking water wherever you go. Do not just randomly fill it with water from the first sight of faucet you see. Do consider the place if it is considered drinkable or not.
  • Bring bags that has wheels on them. It will help lighten up your load.
  • Camera charger. You do not want to miss a lot of places of memories, right?
  • Do not bring clothes that requires ironing them. Do not even buy clothes that require as such as well.
  • If you are staying at someone's house, bring them a gift. The best gift that you can give them is something that is locally made from where you live.
  • Do not pack clothes that you have not worn yet. You may find your other pair of clothes or shoes too uncomfortable to wear.


Some travelers recommend that you buy that grotesque souvenir that you see even if you have no idea whom to give it to. You will eventually think of someone along the way once on your way home.

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