Medical Escorted Trips – The Safety Offered in Medical Escorted Trips

People who are in medical escorted trips are given a chance for inmates to tour or visit a place. This usually involves when the inmate will attend to a funeral or a visit to his or her immediate family. This is for the inmates who are in the institution at least for 90 days, inmate who are eligible in unsecured tour are in minimal supervision. This is usually done when someone in the family of the inmate is in death or funeral. It is only given to authorities when they have valid reasons to do it. There are procedures like:

  • When an inmate will receive recommendation to have an escorted trip.
  • It will be prepared by recommending staff.
  • Appropriate staff will do clearance and screening.
  • And the warden will approve the inmate to have the escorted trip.

In this travel there are two types of escorted trips, here are the two kinds of medical escorted trips:

  • The emergency in non-medical escorted – it is an escorted trip where inmate is allowed to attend in a funeral or bedside visit, for the inmates’ immediate family member. The family members refers to the inmate’s father, mother, sister, brother, children, spouse, foster parents and step-parents.
  • The non-emergency in non-medical escorted – it is an escorted trip where the purpose is making the inmate participate in a program. There are related functions like educational, religious or even work functions.

There are means of transportation in this kind of trip, you can actually choose from companies where they offer excellent services, to make your love one safe throughout his or her journey. You can also rest your head to from worry because they will provide trained people. They are the ones who will assist your loved one. The priority of this transportation is to make your inmate attend or participate while you will be rest assured that they are safe. The non-medical escort is considered if this following list is the situation:

  • Visually or hearing impaired.
  • Older trip companion.
  • Person with disability.
  • When they are in need of assistance or alone.
  • Someone with anxiety problems
  • If there are limitations it will be restricted to see your loved ones.
  • Minors

They will escort the inmate wherever it will go, from transportation, bedside, hotels and etc. As long as they are safe assistance will be provided to them.

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