Hassle-Free Travelling With Children

The thought of travelling with children can turn even the calmest parents into jabbering wrecks. The thought of being stuck on a plane or train with someone else's children when they haven't planned properly in order to keep them quiet is enough to make anyone shudder. So here are the top 20 tips for travelling with children. Here are some tips that you can use if you are traveling with children.

  • Get to the airport early because they can amuse themselves with watching the airplanes and it saves the last minute rush than can really see your stress levels rise! Also, if you can get flights during the night then this will also help you to relax because the children will sleep during that time
  • Hand held games are one good way to keep your children occupied on a long road trip. If they are playing their games, time will pass by for them much faster. There will be less time for them to ask "Are we there yet" or tell you they have to pee.
  • Another good way to keep children occupied when traveling is with portable DVD players. They are relatively inexpensive these days, and can keep your children occupied as long as they are watching movies they love. Portable DVD players are well worth the investment if you have to travel with children.
  • For older children, laptops and iPods can be a good way for them to pass the time if they are taking a road trip with you. In most places, a wireless signal will be available, so they can even surf the net if they want. If they are listening to their iPod, they can close their eyes and fall asleep for the ride.
  • Carry the appropriate equipment and clothing to make your travel time as easy and as stress free as possible. This may mean a stroller, comfortable sneakers or slippers, socks or baby slings. Where necessary make contact with airlines, bus companies or train stations and find out their policies with regard to any special equipment you may need to take along.

Travelling with children can be a nightmare, but travelling with children can also be an absolute joy. Just make sure that you have done your homework and know ahead of time what to expect and you will find that your vacation falls into the latter category rather than the former!

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